How to Develop the Habit of Studying

One of the things that most facilitate a student’s life is to develop the habit of studying. By the end of the reading you will learn why the habit of studying is important and how to develop it, ideal for anyone who wants to study for exams or competitions.

Before we begin this article I want to present to you quickly what a habit is and in what way it influences your life. Ah! This is another article that you will need a sheet or your computer notebook open to jot down information, leave everything ready before you begin your reading.

What is a habit?

Habit can be defined as behavior that determines the person who learns and repeats frequently, without thinking how to perform it. When you do it a habit several times, it happens automatically. Why is it important? Because it is precisely what you will use to be able to study more effectively.

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Habits happen because at all times our brains are looking for ways to save effort. The brain tries to turn all of ROUTINE into HABIT. This way the brain becomes more efficient. Think about how many actions you do and do not even think about them, like brushing your teeth, tying your laces, combing your hair. Even more complex actions like driving or performing complicated tasks at work.

ROUTINE can become a HABIT, that is, everything you perform repeatedly. One of the problems of this is that you can develop a good habit or a bad habit.

Good habits are those that make your life more productive or healthy without harming it, for example, the habit of studying every day or exercising;

Bad habits are those that harm you, for example, the habit of spending 3 hours a day on social networks or surfing the net on the Internet. Okay, you already know the importance of the habits in your life, now I want you to understand how important it is to your studies.

Why is it important to develop a study habit?

You will not learn everything you need overnight, things happen over time, little by little. The easiest way you have to study every day is to develop a study habit. We have already seen that habits are ways for the brain to become more efficient. It relieves the worry of having to think of all actions to let the mind free to flow and reason. Efficiency in the brain is felt every time you start a study session. You do not get stuck hours on a topic of studies because the information in your brain is always worked, making your learning much easier. Remember, good study habits make your student life much easier.

Identifying the Routine

A perfect routine is almost like a ritual, you perform everything correctly every day. People who do not like routine may find this a problem, but it is not. First you need to identify how your routine is? To make your work easier, write on a sheet every day of the week and its schedules.

Begin by studying slowly and progressing with time.

I always repeat the importance of starting slowly; it’s no use wanting to hurry. Starting a habit takes time, and for that it takes patience. You need to study every day to keep up the habit of studying, so my recommendation is that you start with a study session of only 20 minutes. Keep increasing 10 minutes of study per day.

Defining your cue

A crash happens in the first hour when you wake up. The first thing you do during the day is your cue, it already informs your brain about the things that can happen and how it should deal with them, your habit. You should keep the same actions every day for your brain to identify your habit. Two exercises are essential for you to develop a perfect study habit; they should be performed before bed and at the time of waking up.

Exercise before bed

Every night before bed think about your goals. Why you are devoting yourself to studies. To do this you must have your goals set as I taught you in the article on motivation to study.

Exercise after waking up

Every day the first thing you will do when you wake up is to think about why you were getting up that morning.

Hopefully the tips above can help you to shape a better study habit.

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