palladio rice powder
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Palladio Rice Powder Review + Wear Test at the Gym (LEG DAY!)

palladio rice powder
palladio rice powder

Rice powder is one of the earliest forms of makeup. It’s been used for generation to generation to help control oil and mattify skin. I remember using Palladio Rice Powder  (SRP 399php) back in college as one of my first purchases from Beauty Bar. It was one of the more affordable brands kasi and hails a lot of great reviews in trusty old

To give you guys an honest to goodness real review. I used the powder for a couple of weeks and also did a wear test at the gym. Watch the wear test and read the full scoop below.

Palladio Rice Powder Review


Full review written after my vlog





It comes in a square shaped jar with a sifter and a soft puff.

Yep. I made this mess. If you’re not careful the powder is prone to spill over, even if you close it well and cover with a puff. I opened my makeup kit and que horror! Rice powder everywhere T_T

This also comes in a paper version. I PREFER THE PAPER VERSION. It’s perfect for touch-ups OMG and I always keep a pack in my purse.


As mentioned in my video; this has an old grandma perfume smell. Similar to Coty’s Airspun Loose Powder. I do not mind at all and even find the scent comforting.


Since it’s mostly rice and talc, don’t expect a smooth as silica texture. It’s soft and finely milled. But not as spherical as again, silica based powders.


It comes in 3 different shades. Translucent, Natural, and Warm Beige (for morenas)


Okay. I find that this finishing powder is perfect for setting liquid foundations. It makes it look smoother and lasts longer than most. You can also wear it on its own and it does a great job at making your skin look even-toned and pure. After my wear-test, my makeup remained intact and just left me with a beautiful glow 🙂

*note: I read from other reviews that this turned orange  on them. However, mine did not change color and remained translucent

Where to buy?

You can spot them at most SM Beauty Counters!








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