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How to Live in New York City on a Budget

I was scrolling down my social media feeds when I a video instantly grabbed my attention. The video talked about apartments for rent in New York City, from the cheapest to the fanciest. Oh boy, never did I imagine that a few apartments can be surprisingly cheap yet decent! And yes, it’s possible to live in New York City on a budget. 

Since I’m your dependable super sleuth, I did the research, so you don’t have to! Here are a few tips I scored online 😉


How to Live in New York City on a Budget

#1 Score a cheap apartment

According to Investopedia, New York is the most expensive city to live in the US. So finding a cheap place to live in is a priority if you want to survive in NYC for cheap! An affordable place to rent, but still comfortable (and liveable).

Use an online apartment search resource to find a place within your budget. Make sure the site you use is reliable okay? I recommend Zumper for real-time listings in New York City, and they have an easy to use interface. You can simply enter your preference like how many rooms, bathrooms, your budget – they also filter out if the apartment allows cats and dogs too!

#2 Cook your meals

If you think renting an apartment is expensive in New York, can you imagine dining out every day? Even the “cheap” fastfood can still cost you not less than 10usd, and it won’t even taste that good. Instead, go to the supermarket, find deals on vegetables and meat. Stock on pantry items on sale. Sum all these, and you got tasty food at a bang of your buck.


#3 Track your expenses

Okay, this is not just applicable for people looking to budget their lives in New York but any place in the world. Budget is the key. How much do you earn per hour? How much do you spend? What are your regular expenses? How much is your allocated savings? Tracking will help you stay within your budget.


#4 Handwash your clothes

Laundry doesn’t sound like something that could ~drain~ your budget in NYC, but it can! If you total your costs in a week, you can spend around 5 dollars per wash. PER WASH~! Now handwashing might be tedious, but it can save you a lot of dough.


#5 Make the most of free attractions

Instead of going out to party or drink the night away, how about jogging in the park? Central Park is the lungs of New York City, which can make you save money and your health. So jog, run, exercise, walk your dog. That’s just one example. There are a lot of free attractions you can visit in the city of dreams. Here are some of them:

  1. Prospect Park.
  2. Washington Square Park.
  3. The High Line.
  4. Battery Park.
  5. Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  6. Flushing Meadows Corona Park.
  7. Inwood Hill Park.
  8. Pelham Bay Park.


Final Thoughts

There are a lot of states and cities in the United States and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Consider if that location is the most convenient for you, and staying there would truly make you happy. Who knows, you may find your dream job, or dream relationship (hehe).

Staying in New York City is not for the faint of heart, but a lot of people found theirs there 🙂 Good luck!

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