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Beauty Supplement and Breast Enhancer Haul

I just need to get this off my chest everybody. Pun not intended, but besides achieving fair, flawless, and forever youthful skin. One of my greatest frustrations is having a 32 CUP A bust size. Yes, I’m taking about boobs. Before I gave birth to my son I had an ample 34B busts which suddenly deflated right after he’s out and about my body. Anyone else had that experience?
Magic Potions Online were kind enough to send random beauty supplement goodies that they knew I’d love. Good luck to my liver!




These are from Japan and costs 990 per pack. It promises bigger breasts in 2 months. It contains 15 tablets with its Puera Mirifica and Rose as its main ingredient. You take it on your first day of period and complete taking 15 tablets. You start another packet the next time you have your menses.
Verdict? I’m almost out of my first packet and my breasts look less saggy and feel firmer. It also starts to filling in my 34B bras so I don’t have to put in boob cupcakes anymore. Placebo? Hopefully not. It’s working.  I have 3 more packs to go to and let’s all wish for a 36C!



I had lash extensions recently and due to my impulsive ADHD I couldn’t help but twist them to fall off. Including my real hair. My eyelids went BALD. Using this 2x a day promises longer lusher lashes in 10-20 days. It feels warm on my lids and avoid putting it on your eyes since IT STINGS really bad. Just apply it on how you use your liner. It costs 990php.
Verdict? I’ve been using it for 1 week now and it seems to be helping. I will post an individual review of this.
Almost Bald. Almost.



Last but not the least are their BeauOxiWhite Collagen Drink and Skin Whitening Collagen Tablets from Japan
I haven’t tried both yet and I’m looking forward to . The components are more different than what we can buy and what I have already reviewed. Once I finish taking my Tatiomax I’ll start immediately with this one.


You can get these and more at Magic Potions Online shop. They also have a flagship store at St. Francis Square Mandaluyong. They’ve been there for years and it’s one of the more reputable “non-department store” beauty supplement shop I can recommend.
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