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How to Make the Most of Your Day by Improving Your Sleep

The quality of your sleep has a massive influence on your overall quality of life. Lack of sleep has been associated with a variety of disorders like heart disease, diabetes, and hormonal imbalances, just to name a few. In addition to that, poor sleep could affect your cognitive function, performance, and concentration. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve the quality of your sleep, starting today. Here are a few of them.

Get some Mouth Strips

One of the major reasons why people are having trouble sleeping is because of the way they breathe. A lot of people have a bad habit of breathing through their mouth when they sleep, which can affect their quality of sleep. But when you breathe through your nose, you’ll get a deeper, more restful sleep, will be able to get more oxygen into your lungs, and the air you inhale will be cleaner, gentler, and warmer.

The problem is that we often have no control over how we sleep at night. One solution would be to go with snoring strips. Snoring strips are becoming more popular and are applied over your mouth with a soft adhesive that allows your mouth to stay shut during the night. Not only will you get better sleep and better air, but you’ll also help the people around you enjoy their sleep as well.

Avoid Stimulants and Sleep Disrupting Chemicals

Needless to say, drinking a cup of coffee before you go to sleep is not the best idea. But caffeine can creep up in places that many aren’t even aware of.

For instance, you might think that tea is soothing and a great drink to take before going to bed, but some teas can be very high in caffeine. So, while some teas might be good for sleep, you have to know which teas are conducive to sleep and which ones aren’t. Valerian, passion flower, and lemon balm teas are all great for sleep, while black, green, and oolong tea should be avoided at all costs. Nicotine and alcohol should also be avoided three hours before going to sleep.

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Sleep Haven

Your bedroom will also have a direct influence on your sleep quality. First, you have to make sure that no light, even a little, enters the room. Light will have an effect on your circadian rhythm and can throw it out of whack. That’s why you should consider investing in blackout curtains if your current ones don’t do the trick. Make sure that you keep the number of digital screens to a minimum. Consider changing the color scheme in your room to more calming tones like blue or light green or Oxford Blackout Curtains

Adopt Good Habits

Your habits also may have an effect on your sleep. One of the things that can affect your ability to fall asleep, curiously, is how you use your bed.

If you stay in your bed to do homework or to use your computer all day, you might have difficulty getting back to sleep since your bed will no longer be associated with sleep in your brain. Also, you have to make sure that you get plenty of sunlight during the day and cut lights gradually as you get into the night. Don’t look at any screens before going to sleep and switch to reading a book or listening to an audio recording instead if you need any distraction.


Sleeping better is all about avoiding things that could disrupt your sleep and adopting habits that will allow you to improve your sleep quality. It’s also about making sure that your environment favors sleep as well.

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