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15 Beautiful Font Pairing Combination for your next Creation

This is for all the bloggers and content creators out there!

All credits goes to for coming up with these beautiful font pairing combinations that we could use for our cover photos, blog banners, graphics, and more!

I decided to post it here on the blog to serve not only as my reference but also yours 🙂 Enjoy! 



#2 Fredericka the Great + Sue Ellen Francisco


#3 Kaushan Script + Playfair Display


#4 Wendyone + thasadith


#5 Pacifico + Noto Serif




#6 Notable + Courgette


#7 Sanchez + Monsterrat


#8 Anton + Roboto


#9 Jockeyone + Puritan


#10 Courgette + Arapey


#11 Abril Fatface + Avenir Light


#12 Shrikhand + Nixie One


#13 Muli + Muli Light Italic


#14 Luckiest Guy + Shadows Into Light


#15 Cookie + Krub Italic





You’re weclome! Feel free to share this page if you find this useful 🙂








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