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How to Treat Low Testosterone in Women?

The deficiency of testosterone in women can cause a lot of problems. It robs them of their capability to produce new blood cells. The sex drive also gets impacted. One of the main issues of low testosterone women is that the reproductive system does not function as it should. Owing to this very reason, they are not able to lead a normal life when they are suffering from this problem. Fortunately, there are quite a few treatments which they can opt for if they are suffering from low testosterone or visit this


1. Testosterone Injections

Most of the doctors administer injections or pellets to boost testosterone levels in women. It is the most direct and fastest way to increase low testosterone. Moreover, the doctor can control the amount of drug. That is why; the doctor can administer the dose or the pellets as per the current level of testosterone in the patient. It ensures that the patient doesn’t receive excessive testosterone. That is why; this method to increase testosterone is so useful.

2. Therapies

Many doctors also recommend natural ways to increase testosterone in women. The natural method involves undergoing therapies and counseling. These therapies will change the lifestyle of the patient and boost the levels of testosterone. Some of these which doctors usually recommend the patients include:


  • Sex therapy


  • Stress management therapy


These two therapies when coupled with proper sleep management can increase testosterone levels in women naturally. These therapies do not use any heavy duty medications to boost your testosterone. They use the internal mechanism of the body to aid the production of testosterone. The doctor tries to diagnose the cause of low testosterone in women before recommending any one of these therapies. Hence, the doctor recommends these therapies after analyzing the hormone levels.

3. Medicines

Frequently, when postmenopausal women suffer from low testosterone, the doctor will prescribe medication like Estratest. It consists of estrogen and testosterone. Testosterone is present in the synthetic form. However, it is useful when the deficiency of testosterone is on the lower side. It cannot boost testosterone levels significantly.

4. Supplements

DHEA supplement is another solution for low testosterone level. DHEA is a hormone which precedes testosterone production in the body. When this hormone increases, automatically it is followed by increased testosterone production in the body. That is why; doctors often recommend this supplement to aid the production of testosterone in the body. Once this hormone is available in ample quantities, it automatically triggers the production of testosterone. It might be an indirect way to boost your testosterone levels, but these supplements work.

5. Diet changes

Another natural way to increase the levels of testosterone in women is to change the diet. Doctors often recommend foods which can boost the level of testosterone. These are:


  • Ginger
  • Oysters
  • Pomegranates
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Fishes like Salmon, trout, sardine
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Onion


When suffering from low testosterone levels, it is essential to include these ingredients in your diet. Once you incorporate these ingredients in one form or the other, you can boost the natural testosterone production. When you couple this diet with strength training and some other type of physical activity, the testosterone levels will automatically increase.

So, if you’re looking for ways to treat low testosterone in women, it is essential to look at these five options. Some of these options can provide external testosterone whereas some others can boost the natural testosterone production in the body. Using this guide, increasing testosterone levels in women is easy.


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