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How to Use Essential Oils for Acne?

Acne breakouts are really disappointing. They freak us out and leave scars on the face. When acne happens to us, the only thing we want is to get rid of them quickly. So we look for the best acne-treating cosmetics to get instant and reliable results.

However, using those advertised acne-treating products can make your acne worse and bring several side-effects. That’s why it is essential to pick a natural product that can cure acne without any severe health fallouts. One such natural solution is using essential oils. Keep reading this article to know more about using essential oils for acne.


Essential Oils for Acne: How Does It Work?

Essential oils are incredible and natural solutions for treating a variety of skin problems, including acne. They are extracted from roots, leaves, bark, or seed of the plant and highly concentrated. They have anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-microbial properties that help in killing acne-causing bacteria and rejuvenate your skin.

For centuries, people have been using essential oil to cure common skin problems like acne. Also, to achieve a balance between physical and emotional well-being. In fact, essential oils have been used as remedies by Indian, Egyptian, and Chinese culture for treating various health ailments. 


Best Essential Oils For Acne

Do include these essential oils in your skincare routine to treat acne. They are natural, easily available, and effective in making the acne scars disappear from your skin.

  1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is one of the most essential oils to treat acne. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help in shrinking acne and reducing inflammation. It works by unclogging the pores and killing the bacteria responsible for acne.


Treating Acne with Tea Tree Oil

To treat acne with tea tree oil, you will need:

  • Cotton Ball
  • Tea Tree Oil


  1. Soak a cotton ball in the tea tree oil and gently apply it to the affected skin region.
  2. Leave the oil for 30 minutes so it can penetrate well in the skin. After then wash it off.
  1. Lavender Essential Oil

Derived from the lavender plant, lavender oil helps in reducing acne breakouts with its antibacterial properties. It is the most popular essential oil made by companies such as Plant Therapy.  It’s very effective in reducing stress levels, another major cause behind acne breakouts.


Treating Acne with Lavender Essential Oil


For treating acne with lavender essential oil, you will require:


  • Coconut Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Cotton Pad




  1. Blend half cup of coconut oil with two tablespoons of lavender oil.
  2. Soak the cotton pad in the mixture and apply it on the acne pimples. 


  1. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Popularly used in aromatherapy, clary sage oil ranks top on essential oils when it comes to reducing acne breakouts. The exceptional antibacterial properties kill bacteria, causing acne and other skin infections.


Treating Acne with Clary Sage Essential Oil

You’ll need:

  • Clary sage essential oil
  • Jojoba oil or any other carrier oil of your choice
  • Cotton Ball



  1. Take one-fourth cup of jojoba or carrier oil of your choice and add a few drops of clary sage essential oil in it.
  2. Blend the combination well and soak a cotton ball in it.
  3. Now gently rub the soaked cotton ball on the acne-affected region of your face.


Precautions To Consider

Though essentials oils are pretty useful in preventing and treating acne breakouts. It is your responsibility to use them with caution to make the most of its skin health benefits. Before including essential oil in your beauty routine, do keep the following precautions in mind.

  • Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, so always dilute them with a carrier oil or water before applying it on your skin. This is very important if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • Never put or use essential oils near the eyes. It can lead to irritation and cause red, watery eyes.
  • Certain skin types are allergic to essential oils, so it is best to do a patch test before proceeding further.
  • Some essential oils are phototoxic, meaning they can harm your skin when exposed to sunlight. So don’t go out of your home if you have applied a phototoxic essential oil.
  • Always buy authentic and organic essential oil; make sure it doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrance or flavor.
  • Do extensive research and learn about an essential oil before using them to fight against acne breakouts.


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