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Lash Extender Lashes in a Bottle Review

Not everyone is blessed with long, luscious, thick lashes. So the rest of us have to rely on mascaras that expire every 3 months, extensions that fall out in 3 weeks, or leave them as is. While browsing in a beauty bazaar, one product caught my attention. Lashes in a bottle. I quickly got my phone and googled it and lo-behold. Rave reviews of the product in and to beauty bloggers everywhere.

Product Description:

Divaderms’ secret to perfect lavishly long full
beautiful lashes. Instantly brush-on lash
extension that add hundreds of tiny natural
lash fibers enriched with panthenol. Simply
apply in between coats of your favorite mascara,
or use with our “Mascara Diva” for fabulous results.

How to use

It comes in a small bottle like this, similar to a nail polish

The brush. It’s actually a very dry product with hair fibers.

Here’s an instructional video on How to Use Lash Extender Lashes in a Bottle:


The key to this product is using a good wet mascara with it. It really relies on this so that the lash fibers would adhere well to your natural lashes.They provided a small brush to remove excess hairs (which can be annoying) to the rest of your face. Since it’s a dry product, it also lasts quite a while without any expiration. It’s so easy to use too! Just like a mascara, you just brush it on your lashes after your 1 coat. Then seal it again with your 2nd coat then you’re off to go. The more times you do this step, the more volume your lashes will have. A word of caution, anything in excess will look draggy and fake.I was expecting it to clump and give me spider lashes but it didn’t! It’s like literally putting on lash extensions but without the painful lash glue or having it done at the lash salon. I used this with an old mascara so the result is probably not the best it can give.


Doesnt drag your lashes down. Still holds the curl up!

Not sure if those are lash fibers or I just have a hairy face

Will I purchase again?

Yes. Definitely. This beats using Imju Fiberwig or any other fiber mascara products since it’s dry. It can be combined with your existing mascara already.

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