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How to use Glucometer to check blood sugar at home

Self-care is highly encouraged in a fast pacing world where almost everybody is living busy schedules. As a result, some may not even have enough time to see their doctors or worse, can’t even afford those bills. Suffering from chronic conditions, patients have to undergo routine bodily checkups, and are even willing to hire a nurse for tackling emergency health condition. When it’s about diabetic patients, then frequent glucose monitoring in the blood becomes important. Further research has revealed an easy solution to self-monitor excess sugar in the blood, and the best part is that you don’t have to leave your house. Many organizations such as Saveritemedical, suggest that you get yourself this handy piece of a device called the glucometer for measuring sugar level while sitting at home.

What is Glucometer? Let’s familiarize with basics first:

What is a glucometer? It is a scale primarily used for measuring the level of sugar in blood without having to visit a nurse or physician. The device is simple to use as well as portable, thus allowing the most inexperienced person to figure it out themselves in one go.

  • The following is a step by step guide on how to use a glucometer to check the blood sugar level at homes.

Upon unboxing, you’ll notice a variety of items inside and we will guide you through the whole procedure to make everything crystal clear.

  • Firstly, the glucometer itself, which is the main piece of the lot. With a whole package, you are supposed to get alcohol pads, a lancet device with extra lancets, test strips, and a log book for recording the readings. Have all these ready before proceeding to the next step.


Prepping is the first step you need to follow. Before getting to the things you must

  1. Wash your hands with soap to remove any residual uncleanliness.
  2. After having washed your hands, pat dry with a towel or paper towel and proceed to open up the alcohol pad provided.
  3. Rub fingertips thoroughly for sterilization. Dispose of the alcohol pad after use.

The next step requires you to ready the device and all its components for use. Start by taking out one test strip after another from the provided bottle while keeping the lid closed.

  • Take the test strip and insert it into the glucometer, which will then switch on automatically upon successful insertion.

The last step would be to adjust the lancet into the lancet press. The lancet is a needle that pierces through the skin for extracting blood. The lancet device presses the lancet really fast causing you to just flinch.

  • Pick a lancet and just press it into the lancet device, making sure the needle has been placed into the right slot. Once fitted, close the device and ready for reuse.
  • The next step is drawing blood for the test. Simply place the tip of the lancet device on a fingertip and press the button to fire the lancet at the cost of a very minute hole on your skin.

How to use the glucometer for reading the blood sugar level?

One can always adjust the diameter of the incision formed using the dial on the lancet revealing numbers from 1 to 10. You may need to press your finger hard for the blood to ooze out. Once a droplet appears, you will have to press the fingertip against the test strip. Once done, the device will take a few moments before displaying any possibility for you having diabetes.


Remember to always record the blood sugar level on the provided log book to keep track of diabetes, and make sure that you visit a specialist whenever you observe anything unusual. The glucometer will show your blood sugar over the course of days, and you may consult your physician for the necessary steps you may have to practice to keep the blood sugar level in check.

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