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Huawei P9 – Unboxing Review and Sample Shots


When Huawei P9 was launched in the Philippines, I immediately drooled. My mouth watered like it’s craving for candies, but this time for a new gadget. I went haywire googling for reviews and oggling at the specs. Like fine wine I wanted to own one. I NEED to have one. So… I got one! Lugging around with a DSLR camera on blog events and photoshoots is a heavy burden a blogger must face, a sacrifice I suppose. Then came my new phone.. the dream finally became a reality! It’s so darn good I might sell my heavy camera na LOL


See specs, price, review and sample shots of Huawei P9 on this story today.

The Huawei P9 Leica Dual-Lens Camera



Leica is the brand that has a strong track record of producing premium and crazy expensive cameras. Leica helped create the P9’s camera hardware and software. Heck, I dreamed of owning Leica camera for YEARS but it’s a far-cry from my blogging budget. Ugh this is a blessing in disguise! Imagine the combination of 2 powerhouses. Leica and Huawei.


Sample Shots and Review


(selfie mode under low light, grabe ang quality diba? It can pass off as a front cam IMO)

Leica’s lenses captures life’s moments in the best way possible. No filters required.



(black and white mode)

When it comes to blogging, my branding is always this. Real. Raw. Authentic. I have stories to tell and readers who look forward to digesting them. Authenticity is magnetic. That’s why I want to produce photos with minimal to no edits.


Huawei’s P9 with Leica lenses allows me to take breathtaking shots with zero to minimal need of editing.


It’s my new favorite phone for 2 of my current past times! Pokemon and photography! Huawei P9’s superb battery life lets me enjoy my pokemon playtime without worrying of getting my battery drained fast. To give you an example, it lasted me 5 hours without charging, running around trying to catch em’ all


(Even under harsh bright sunlight, the color stays true!)

The capabilities of the lens is amazing I don’t think I’ll use my chunky DSLR camera anymore, I’m no professional photographer so for me? Auto is the way to go and P9 lets me capture perfect photos in an instant!

I’m so in love with my Huawei P9 phone that I gave my old “new” phone to my sister HAHAHA!  It’s also the reason why the photos on my blog and on my instagram feed are slowly becoming “goals”! GO GET YOUR OWN HUAWEI P9 NOW! You won’t regret it 🙂


  • The P9, which boasts a 5.2-inch 1080p display and a 3,000mAh high-density battery, will cost PHP 23,990.
  • The P9 Plus, which features a larger 5.5-inch Press Touch display and a longer-lasting 3,400mAh battery, will sell at PHP 29,990.
  • The P9 Lite, which is as powerful as the P9 but lacks its dual-lens camera, will be sold at an affordable PHP 12,490.

More Sample Shots





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