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Imju Fiberwig Mascara : A Review + Tutorial

I finally got to open and try out the famous Imju Fiberwig Mascara! This is the first of my 3 tubes (and I will buy more!!! WAHAHA) and one is for giveaway. Hurry! Since contest is only up to January 15 2010

Based from the their website:

Fiberwig contains double the fiber for dramatic length! Plenty of fibers adhere and seal unto your lashes. The more you apply, the longer your lashes become!

Fiberwig is made up of two types of extra thin nylon fibers; a short and a long fiber. The short and long fibers intertwine to form a light and smooth film coating that gently surrounds and seals unto your lashes.
As the fibers seal unto your lashes, they seal unto each other. As a result the extended fiber lashes give your natural lashes the appearance of extreme length!

Take plenty fibers and apply it unto your lashes repeatedly, no need to worry about clumping and flaking. The special brush works with the fibers by separating eyelashes one by one.

Fiberwig’s film coating resists tears, oil, and sweat. Yet when you are ready to remove, all that is needed is warm water! It is surprising warm-water-removal.
Fiberwig absorbs the warm water and then swells, making it easy to slide off your lashes. When washing your face, simply wet your lashes with warm water. Then gently slide off the fibers with your finger and thumb.

Have you ever applied mascara but mistakenly missed your lashes only to dab some on your face? Fiberwig is easy to remove. Simply wait a couple of seconds for it to dry and peal off with a Q-tip.

K: Yes.. it does peel off

Fiberwig coats each individual lash with a light film of fibers. Your lashes become film-coated lashes.

Fiberwig’s light film coating defines and separates each lash while creating a fresh and natural gloss finish. Thanks to the film-coated lashes, Fiberwig will not smear nor smudge when you tear or sweat.
Wear it on hot, humid or rainy days without fear of smudging anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
Apply it in the morning for work straight through late at night without worrying about Panda-Eyes!

  1. When pulling the brush from the tube, be sure to gather plenty of fibers. You will immediately see the fibers on the brush.

  2. Start applying the fibers to your lashes by using the tip of the brush. Add fibers to both the top and bottom part of your upper lashes. This will film-coat your lashes completely.
  3. Apply fibers on the top part of your lashes too.
  4. Once fibers are added unto the lash, use the brush to stroke the lashes from root to tip until desired length is reached.
  5. To achieve the best length, be sure to dip the brush into the tube between layers to gather more fibers.

 Tip: Use the tip of the mascara brush to apply the fibers. It’s really just painting! Try to paint on per eyelash (the tips) the fibers, and then brush from bottom, upwards. It wont give you spider legs I promise, just coat, and coat, and brush, and brush, and your lashes will look like falsies!! I promise! – K


  • Easily Removed – I remove it when washing my face at night. It says it can be removed by warm water, but even with tap water, the tubes easily slide off.
  • Smudge Proof – This mascara is really smudge proof, and it isnt sticky at all, it dries off to something you can “peel off”
  • True to it claims, apply it correctly and it gives you false lashes! I’m so happy I dont need to have a hard time putting on falsies and having it fall of my face at the end of the day
  • It gives length + volume! Compared to L’oreal Beauty Tubes which just gave length
  • It holds the curl!!!!!


  • Quite pricey for a mascara, but worth it
  • Hard to find!! (In my country) and some resellers overprice!
  • Needs more time to apply than regular mascara, it’s because I take time to really paint and coat and paint and coat.
  • Not readily available in stores

Will I buy again?
YES!!! Again and again.. I will buy even if I still have stock.. I will buy backups for the rest of 2 years. I will buy every  month..

But Why?
This is HG material. I tell you, try one and you’ll see that it is love.

Who would I recommend this to?
To those who have the moolah and the patience to apply this, and buy this online since its not readily available in stores. To those who want to wear falsies but couldnt because its hard to apply falsies. To those who are sick of smudges and panda eyes..

Damage: 650php – 1100php (around $20) (depends on where you buy, I got my first one for free!)

Want to have an Imju Fiberwig for FREE? Im giving a tube!!! Click here!!


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