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GrapeSeed for Dark Circles

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Now I know only water therapy (if puffiness is caused by stress etc) or surgery can cure eye puffiness. But I have tried this for a year and it did, it really did lessen my dark circles significantly, even if I always stay up late at night. It took only a month for me to see visible results.

However I stopped doing this because I ran out of grapeseed oil and got too lazy to purchase my stock. It turned dark again after a couple of months of late nights haha.

Join me as I begin my grapeseed oil undereye treatment again, I will start this when I get my oil and will post weekly update of pictures.

I learned this from

Buy cosmetic-grade grape seed oil and apply it directly under your eyes to help lessen dark circles. Cosmetic-grade grape seed oil is available at most health food stores. Smooth two or three drops directly on your dark circles, and leave overnight.

You could also intake grapeseed supplements and it also helps too.

HELP! – I need a supplier of cosmetic grade grapeseed oil (in small bottles only and payment thru BPI bank deposit only, please leave a message here, no multiply sites please my multiply is blocked). It would also be nice if I could try it out for free, just kidding 🙂

Current State of Circles
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