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Indonesia Adventures: Riding an Elephant and Eating a Lot (as usual) *snickers*

Weeee an elephant! 🙂 My legs hurt after the ride

Disclaimer: Picture overload 🙂 Please wait for pictures to load hihi. Indonesia Adventures! Riding an Elephant!

Have you ever done something like you really wanted to try your whole life or experience it? Haha! I have a lot of things written in my bucket list like sky dive, ride a camel, dive in an ocean, ride a hot air baloon etc.. and one of the things listed is.. RIDE an ELEPHANT

Update 2016: As I’m cleaning up my old posts, I realized how dumb I was to support elephant riding in Indonesia. Elephants were maltreated and some get dehydrated and over exhausted. Never again.

Haha! Such a kid in me 🙂

I finally rode an elephant on an Indonesia quick trip weekend at Nirwana Garden’s Resort at Bintan (which is an hour away from Singapore via Ferry)



Me using clean and clear’s grapefruit film to ease my sea-sickness
The hotel staff performed a musical number upon our arrival

The beach was nice, the water was clear and the sand were fine

Though it may appear delicious, it isnt, the buger was too salty and they just microwaved the bun making it as hard as a rock

The other tourists 🙂

The food from the dinner buffet at 38SGD per head



The elephants at the show


How about you? Do you have any adventures in mind?
🙂 I might get an idea or two or more for my bucket list

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