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The Most Comfortable Natural Looking Circle Lenses EVER

Ahem ahem.. I tried a lot of lenses already, freshlook, geo, dolly, angel, ash wing, honey wing, and most of them can last 3-4 hours on my eye without making my eye feel heavy or get that dry blurry feeling (even with eyedrops yep yep)

And most even make me look like an “aswang” haha because it’s unnatural. I’ve been searching high and low for lenses that will give me the following:

1. Dolly eye look
2. Natural
3. Super comfy like wearing nothing at all

Finally finally finally found it! Eureka moment! (haha got that from Nikki of

*drumroll pleae*

Sorry bad lighting 🙁

I can wear it for more than 8 hours and sometimes I forget I’m even wearing them.

EOC Tear Lens Brown



Full.. err.. half face with lenses..

You can get these lenses at

If any of you are wondering, yes my acne flareups are healing up.. will post a separate blog for that.. AND also how lovely bourjois healthy mix foundation is *wink wink*


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