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Introducing Hatchery PH—Philippines’ first content creator incubator

The rise of content creation and digital talents is gradually proving its value and relevance in the
Philippine media landscape and its influence is only getting more extensive. With the aim to
educate and empower the country’s aspiring content creators, the Philippine’s first creator
incubator was created.

Hatchery PH is an online training ground designed to help hatch creators into an elevated field of
influence by providing them access to comprehensive training programs, industry mentors, and
networking opportunities to help them produce quality content for their audience.

The program is initiated by Republiq Group of Companies, VisMin’s leading digital transformation
company and the creator of BaiCon Infest and BAI Social, together with Blogapalooza Inc., the
Philippines’ premier influencer marketing company.

The Hatchlings, or chosen applicants, are benefited with fun and exciting weekly activities with
brand tie-ups, one-on-one coaching sessions, and a chance to pitch their ideas and work on
multiple projects with brands.

In its first run, Hatchery PH garnered an overwhelming response with over 100 enthusiastic
applicants from all over the country that underwent screening. Only 20 of them were selected:
namely, Alvin Lasco, Jazper Tiongson, Reinhel Angelo Sicat, Margaux Hemady, Alijah Santos,
Aneshka Zamora, Ghia Annaika Paul Lim, Juno Nicaliela Ortañez Magno, Sherile Guinto from Manila;
Jonas Nelson Donato, Jeffry Torello a.k.a Pinoy Food Boy from Laguna; Gion Santiago from Nueva
Ecija; Divine Tria from Caloocan; Xavier Solis, David Jones Cua, John Marie Flores, and Ichi (13C)
from Cebu; Tin Concepcion from Bacolod; Mariel Joyce Pascua from General Santos; Owen Vilches
from South Cotabato; Ara Casas-Tumuran and Shannen Adlaon from Davao.

LUZON Hatchlings
Alvin Lasco
Alvin is a flight attendant and lifestyle, travel, and food creator who utilizes his platform to
promote brands he trusts.
Jazper Tiongson
Jazper is a media consultant, host, singer-songwriter, content creator, and positivity advocate.

Reinhel Angelo Sicat
Reinhel is an educator who makes valuable educational content to help youngsters become
adept with our fast-paced society.
Margaux Hemady
Margaux is a travel, lifestyle creator, mother and an active advocate for play.
Alijah Santos
Alijah is a lover of beauty and fashion who aims to help people find confidence within
Aneshka Zamora
Aneshka is an aerial arts instructor and mother on a mission to empower people through
movement and performing arts.
Ghia Paul Lim
Ghia is a music & culture creator focused on K-Pop. She plans to be a credible source of
information to younger fans.
Juno Magno
Juni is a gaming livestreamer, graphic designer, and content creator who aims to make a mark in
the digital space.
Sherile Guinto
Sherile is a food and lifestyle creator and mother who tells stories through her content.
Jonas Nelson Donato
Jonas is a lifestyle, travel, and food creator and aspiring filmmaker and motivational speaker.
Jeff Torello
Jeff is a food blogger who wants to make an impact on people’s lives with simple recipes he
shares online.
Gion Santiago
Gion is a content producer, blogger, photographer, freelance PR, and social media manager.
Divine Tria
Divine is a dietitian who aims to promote her advocacy of beauty and wellness through good
nutrition and total well-being.

VISAYAS Hatchlings
Xavier Solis
Xavier is a dentist and travel creator using his platform to promote a healthy work-life balance.
13C is a boy band from Cebu City with a unique take on the world. The band is composed of
Davey, Flo, and Ichi.
Tin Concepcion
Tin is a beauty, travel, fashion, and lifestyle influencer with a burning desire to share stories.
Mariel Joyce Pascua
Mariel is Miss Universe PH Gensan and a lifestyle & makeup creator who yearns to make an impact
in the digital world.
MINDANAO Hatchlings
Owen Vilches
Owen is a singer-songwriter, music producer, streamer, and visual artist who expresses himself
through creating.
Ara Casas-Tumuran
Ara is a former TV journalist & host turned content creator whose goal is to empower millennial
Shannen Adlaon
Shannen is a lifestyle and beauty creator who aims to inspire people like her—the shy kids who
have big dreams.

They will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of nifty topics that will be beneficial to
their journey, such as the Basics of Digital Advertising, Technicalities of Digital Marketing, and
Content Creation as a Business.

They will be learning from industry professionals from the aforementioned companies, and a few
Filipino creators and influencers as guest mentors like Erwan Heussaff, Phillip Hernandez aka
Davao Conyo, Mikey Bustos, and more.

Hatchery PH held a live online press conference, GET HATCHED! Hatchery PH 2021 Launch and
Hatchling Reveal, where they unearthed this year’s curriculum and program, mentors, and more
about the first batch of Hatchlings. It was streamed on Hatchery PH’s Facebook page on July 2,
2021 at 3 pm.

To stay updated, follow Hatchery PH on Facebook and Instagram.


  • Hyun Jang Nim

    I love this. It’s really nice that there’s hatchery ph where aspiring creators can be train and learn how to produce quality content for their audiences. I’m interested with these kind of online training ground. Very helpful.

    • Rowena Villareno

      This is a great news. it’s amazing that hatchery ph aspires to help build an industry of people-first enterprise s, boost the economy, and improve the lives of many through innovation. This is really interesting.

  • Rowena Villareno

    I find it really amazing and interesting. Its really nice that there’s Hatchery PH which is an online training ground designed to help hatch creators into an elevated field of influence by providing them access to comprehensive training programs, industry mentors, and networking opportunities to help them produce quality content for their audience. This is really helpful.

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