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Ipasa Ang Pag-Asa with Maxi-Peel

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Would you believe that Maxi-peel has been with us for 15 years already? To be honest I think this is the only affordable local exfoliating brand that has stood the test of time leaving its competitors behind. It’s proven to be effective kasi, plus it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. I’ve tried it myself ( maxipeel least year!). Now, they are launching a campaign together with Marian Rivera. Ipasa ang Pag-Asa, where they hope to reach out and help more women achieve amazing skin. 

Read on until the end of the post to learn how to properly use maxi-peel. This is important!

Marian Rivera’s Maxi-Peel Press Conference
I had my fair share of having pimples. I even have a pimple that grows on the same spot every month! LOL  Grabe, I had a colleague who told me that I looked like an 8 but because of my pimples I looked like a 6. Imagine that?! Ranking us women with numbers. We’re not objects, and I believe everyone is beautiful and we can be the best version of ourselves if we work at it. All of us are 10s! Agree? 

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Marian Rivera’s Maxi-Peel Press Conference
As observed by the renowned Emily Abrera. “Maxi-peel has triumphed in taking a highly individual desire like vanity and expanding it into the realm of the emotional and the inclusive. “
Marian Rivera’s Maxi-Peel Press Conference
I can attest to this. Having bad skin will affect your self-esteem and morale. Kahit anong sabihin natin na hey we look good in the inside. But how can we feel good if we’re not confident ourselves right? Wanting to have smooth skin is never a sin. It just means that we love our skin that we should take care if it as every part of our body. 

Marian Rivera’s Maxi-Peel Press Conference

Ms. Abrera futher notes that “Maxi-Peel removes the ‘bad skin’ barrier and allows the young person to finally acknowledge her ‘real and beautiful self’. and relate to the world with greater confidence. The brand faciliates the fusion of one’s inner and outer beauty with the help of someone who cares deeply about the individual. “

How to Properly Use Maxi-Peel

This is very important! If you want to achieve kutis-artista skin. Make sure you follow instructions! Hindi lang lagay ng lagay. I had one follower who tweeted me that his skin is experiencing reactions, but this is because he puts A LOT and forgets to use sun protection, oh my goodness. I asked him to rest his skin for a while and use it again but this time, with the proper directions. 
  1. At night, wash your face with Maxi-Peel Facial wash. Gently pat dry
  2. Carefully pour 1-2 drops of Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution on a cotton ball. 1-2 drops is enough to effectively reveal new, healthy skin. (ayan ha, please dont soak it wet, konti lang as in super konti)
  3. Swipe the cotton ball upwards in a singular motion. Start from your neck up. 
  4. Finish your nightly Maxi-Peel habit with Maxi-Peel moisturizing cream
  5. In the morning, wash your face after or during you take a bath. Then apply Maxi-Peel sunblock (SUNBLOCK is soooo important, you don’t want to burn your skin do you?)
  6. Apply sunblock 4-5x a day because it can only last for a few hours
After doing this regimen for 2 months, replace the Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution with Maxi-Peel Facial Cleanser. After a month, you can opt to exfoliate again if you want to.

Benefits of Maxi-Peel and Its Benefits

For complete details on the product, ingredients, and specific information check-out my initial maxi-peel review 

Maxi-Peel Exfoliating solution is an effective combination of Hyrdoquinone and Tretinoin. 
Tretinoin is a vitamin A derivative and it helps in faster recovery and development of our skin. In other words, bad skin out, good skin in. This is actually used as treatment by most dermatologists for moderate to even heavy acne.
Hydroquinone is a chemical bleaching agent to effectively lighten the skin by lessening our dark pigments AKA melanin. Take note of the % of hydroquinone in your solution. Try the lowest percentage first. 
Level 2 for Mild to Moderate Skin Problems
Have you used Maxi-Peel? What was your experience? Share it with the comments below and lets 
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