Kanto Style Breakfast and Workaholinkz Tattoo Shop in Eastwood

Want to know the full story behind my watercolor back tattoo? Read my Part 1: WaterColor Tattoo in Kulture of Ink 
I want to feature as many BEST tattoo parlors in Metro Manila as I can, and actually experience each and every one of them, or at least maybe John Castle will. There are so many budding talented tattoo artists yet to be discovered and sometimes you’d find them in the most obscure places or sometimes hiding behind the well-known artists in popular tattoo shops already. 
Today I’m featuring Ana from Kulture of Ink and Ricson from Workaholinkz in Eastwood. Ricson is the one working on John’s left sleeve project and he’s got 1 more session to go for completion. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Ana decided we have a 2nd session for my back tattoo to make the watercolor more defined and actually look finished

I also got bad scabbing on the icons so we had to re-do it. I can’t help but scratch!

Tattoo tip: Use a vitamin A based ointment to prevent scabbing and keep colors protected during the first 3 days. Please prevent scratching at all times or else it will ruin your tattoo

 I got chicken skin but it went away the following day. The star was the most painful part!
John getting his 1st session from Ricson. After our agonizing tattoo session we got hungry and decided to eat at a popular nearby joint Kanto Style Breakfast. 

They serve “kanto” meals in a very classy and stylish plating you’d forget you’re eating. It’s also very affordable nothing above 200php per meal.

 Spanish Sardines Temura Style
 Angus Beef Tapsilog
 Liempo Silog
Corned Beef Silog

Oh I forgot to take the photos of the Deep Fried Oreos and I ate them. Good thing John took a snapshot of me gobbling them all up. LOL

Workaholinkz is located at Eastwood, near Eastwood Center Libis, near ministop and Kanto Style Breakfast


  • Myka Cadaoas

    will hafta agree with you on the star location. anywhere near the neck is super painful. got mine sa shoulder going up a lil behind my ear. grabe nung sa shoulder i was just chill and playing angry birds pero nung sa neck part na, nagmumura na ko. good thing, i personally know the artist and is good friends with him kaya natatawa lang siya. grabe yung pain haha i might get it retouched this month. i also wanna define the outline and shadows more defined. btw the colors you used are gorg! ๐Ÿ™‚

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