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Kikay si Kat : Finalist for Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Fashion and Beauty

I couldnt sleep the other night when I saw my website URL on the list of Finalists for the Beauty and Fashion Category National Level! OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!

But they got my old blog name instead; They havent got my updated Blog name and URL I hope they update it 🙂

Surreal… I’m not expecting.. but I’m hoping I get to win something.. like in their raffle. Hehe.. It’s going to be held at Carlos Romulo Theater at RCBC this Dec. 3 2011; Oh and I don’t know what to wear. This would not be possible if not for YOU people who visit this blog everyday and interact with me and other readers as well. It’s super super super fun.

This blog was started because I was a frustrated writer. I really wanted to take up Journalism at UST and work in the media-world like Magazines, TV, Hosting, and other things but because my parents were sorta “cutting costs” I had to study at PLM because I got a scholarship there for Computer Science. Did you guys know back in college I auditioned for a few hosting stints in ETC? (Didnt get in! Haha.. always a finalist, never the “one” 🙁 )

Still! No regrets no regrets. Wouldnt be here today if not for what happened in the past. Thank you thank  you thank you! Maybe one way I can say thanks to all of you is for me to produce articles with higher quality both in words and in photos.  Do post your suggestions on what you want to read more from Kikay si Kat!! I really love hearing from you!!

I may not have won (yet.. hopefully? waaa) but I already feel like a winner with being a finalist!!!
*jumps up and down* I’m not preparing a 2 min. speech.. (yes I wont) because if I did and I didnt won, I’ll just be sorta sadder) Waaa this is me being bipolar >_<

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