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Carrot Pants : Would You Wear Them?

Our workplace is kind of divided in to “2” groups. The jolog-sosyal-hybrids and the sosyals. Of course you know where my group is right? JOLOGS ALL THE WAY!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh if youre not pinoy here’s a quick definition of both:

Jologs – (joh-logs) Came from the combination of Jolina + Organization. Jolina was a fashion trend setter of the 90’s with her outrageous hair-dos and outfits. But her fashion soon evolved synonymous to cheap, and then non-classy, and then it became the acceptable. “cowboy” “co-boy” or cool. Since if youre jologs
you eat street food. You ride PUVs and you can kick a$$!

Sosyal (sow-shal)  Came from the word “social” and “shallow”… Kidding!!!!! These people are identified as classy people.

Ok, now let’s go back to carrots…
What? Hehehe

Oops! We’re talking about Carrot Pants.. not Carrot Pantsuits!

I noticed the sosyal women in our workplace wears  carrot pants everyday. They also range from the skinny women to the heavier women side. They wear em everyday with everything! So I wonder if carrot-pants are really uso? I dont own one, because I have wide hips and I don’t think it can really flatter my figure by doubling my hip size to quadruple size. I also have large thighs… imagine the growth if I wore carrots! Haha!


I honestly believe this type of pants won’t suit everyone. It works better on girls who are either the inverted triangle shape or those with skinnly legs so it will make them more shapely.

Credits to

I am no judge but people are free to wear whatever they want, whether it suits them or not; as long as theyre happy. So even if the carrot-trend looks aweful on some people. It’s their right to look bad if they want to! Hahahahaha! Sometimes my sense of humor is just really dark ^_^;


What do you think of guys wearing them? Is it possible for a 100% straight man  to wear it?

Lemme hear your thoughts! Let’s talk about social cliques, jolina, jologs, sosyals, and the carrot pants!


Love lots, XOXO

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