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Kojie San Kojic Soap Review

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 Update 07/17/2016: Will update my review soon. Longer, better more photos and details.
Kojie San Kojic Soap has been around in the market for quite some time now and is one of the most popular kojic soaps in the Philippines. Make sure you use a high-SPF product when using this soap as it is POTENT.. Poooooootent! It will take a week’s time that you’d start noticing micropeeling and revealing fairer skin (If you use sunblock)
t does sting, so I don’t suggest using this for more than 2 weeks straight as it is harsh. It’s active ingredients are malted rice and fermented mushrooms. For fast skin whitening, this soap does it’s job as well as helping to keep skin smooth.It has an orange fragrance that’s not too strong, it also has vitamin C content for additional benefits. At around 60php per bar of soap this is not bad. It does melt quicker because the soap is cold processed but it also makes it more effective since it is pure and does not have any fillers.A tip to make this type of soap last longer is to cut it into small square pieces. However, this is also available in small sizes at around 25php per small bar.

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