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LAPTOP FACTORY REVIEW! | My Favorite Best Place to Buy Laptops in the Philippines


Hey everyone! Today I’ll be sharing with you a “secret“. As a blogger, I need to stay up-to-date with the latest gadgets and technology. Besides the mobile phone, my other weapon of choice is a laptop. But where do I buy my laptops here in the Philippines? Not in the mall of course! Lugi! The cost of rent and other expenditures make the cost go wayyyyy high!

PS: This was a scheduled post, birthday ko ngayon. Nasa Bicol kami ni #machokid Yey! Happy birthday to me!

Okay, I’ll spill the beans na. If you don’t now Laptop Factory yet then READ THIS. It’s a surplus shop of laptops for ANY budget (from low-end to high-end) and you get to purchase it up to 60% off. Yes, that’s why my title is redundant. Favorite na best pa.

My Laptop Factory Review

The first time I bought a laptop from them was when I gave up my company computer. It was the day I resigned from work so it’s a memorable one. You can check my review here (Lenovo G4080 Review). Circa 2015. Then soon after I decided to transition to a sleeker notebook (HP Pavilion X360 Review).


At first it was intimidating to enter their physical store. Because of the thorough inspection of the security guards before entering the vicinity. This was perfectly understandable considering the cost of all the laptops inside. Better safe than sorry right? It just means they value their customers’ safety. I made a short list of pros and cons to help you decide.


With my use and abuse, these laptops are legit. I never had any issues with my purchases. So you don’t have to worry about authenticity. They also offer store warranty. Besides their physical store you can also order online. Very convenient.

Buying in Malls/Department Stores


  • Get the standard full warranty
  • Convenient location


  • Prices are more expensive
  • Most sales persons are “hard sellers” they do not leave your side until you buy or go out of the shop, make you buy accessories for your main item so you end up spending more.
  • Most shops in malls do not have reviews/customer feedbacks that you can view online. They can hide their flaws.

Buying in Laptop Factory


  • 20% to 60% lower than mall prices!
  • Can find online reviews before going to the shop or meetup. You feel more secure before making a purchase.
  • Friendly sales reps, they let you go thru the shop without them behind your back. They do not force you to buy. Soft selling. (freedom magikot sa shop ng walang nakasunod)
  • You can resell their products because of the low price and make some profit. Buy more and get more discount!


  • Shorter warranty period. (simply because price is lower) 7 days replacement, 3 months service warranty. Shop warranty only.
  • Locations are a bit challenging to access so make sure you ask exactly where they are located.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! Please show some love by doing the following:

Laptop Factory:

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Aurora Blvd
Quezon City, Philippines 1105
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0917 886 3175
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