pink sugar lil secret concealer review
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Pink Sugar Lil Secret Concealer Review

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pink sugar lil secret concealer review

Disclaimer: Written August 16, as in 2 weeks ago. So my skin today September 04 may be better or worse. Sana better! Update: My skin is better!

Ahoy maties! Are you surprise that I’ll be reviewing a concealer today? Don’t be! We all have bad skin days. My skin is not as perfect as what you may think. Especially now that I’ve been taking in a lot of protein shakes for body building. Sometimes, our diet can also be a factor in how our skin looks. Not just what we put on our face. I have an unhealthy diet tbh. I eat a lot of meat but lack veggies. Enough about diet, let’s talk about Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret Concealer.

Pink Sugar Lil Secret Concealer Review

  • How much? 349php for 13g

  • Where to buy? BeautyMNL, Landmark, etc. (hindi ko memorize okay? but I got mine from landmark hehe)


Pink Sugar says… Delivers long-lasting full coverage; soothes and calms inflamed skin with cucumber fruit and chamomile extracts; nourishes with aloe vera and vitamins A, C, and E; applies smoothly and blends silkily.


The Macho Mom says… I was torn between buying this and Naturactor in Landmark. I know they cost the same but in the mall Naturactor costs 749 a pot from the usual 450. I can order online, but I don’t have the patience for it! I needed to have a concealer on my hand right then and there. I googled a lot and read good reviews about the product. Especially the part where it sets like cement (quoting Project Vanity). Unfortunately on my skin, even with using a primer underneath it faded 50% in 2 hours and gone in 4 so I need to retouch.


It comes in a cute pink squeeze tube with a slender tip. I got the mistake of squeezing to much, resulting in waste of product. Why? I didn’t know it was that pigmented. Tremendous coverage. You only need like a dot to cover an area of pimple. Even smaller than a pea size. Now it claims to apply smoothly and blends silkily. That I have to disagree with. It has a thick consistency that’s bordering to dry (did I get an old stock?). It needs warmth and I pat to blend. Blend fast because it sets quick.

I’m happy with my purchase. Pink Sugar Our Lil Secret Concealer is that I recommend it to ladies who’s on a strict budget but wants a regular  duty Concealer! Me? I’m still off for something that will stick on my face for a loooong time because I hate retouching.


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