Learn 6 Marriage Tips Wives Can Use

Learn 6 Marriage Tips Wives Can Use

Want a better marriage, well it’s not exactly easy, you have to work at it – it’s that simple. Here are six ways to improve your relationship with your husband.

1) Show Respect For Your Husband

Do you notice how this doesn’t say show respect for your husband if he’s earned it? For most men, their greatest need in life to simply to be respected, and as his wife, you’re the one person he desires respect from the most more than anyone else. The trap that a lot of us fall into is that people, including our spouse, only deserve respect if they’ve somehow earned it. Of course we would like our husbands to make the choices that wind up garnering our respect, but the simple truth is that your husband is still just a human being. He’s going to make mistakes. Just remember, this is the man that you’ve picked to walk alongside with for the rest of your days, the person that leads your family, and that quality alone deserves respect.

Trust me, when respect is granted to a person that might not have earned it, it can still motivate him to actually justify it. This doesn’t mean pretending his bad choices are good ones. You still need to communicate such things, but it is possible to work out your differences respectfully. Take it from me, as it is going to mean the world to him.

2) Keep Your Heart Guarded:

The grass is never greener on the other side of the fence. Even if it is, you might not know that it’s just astroturf and not real. Never fall for the lie that you’ll wind up happier as a woman with a faster car, higher salary, bigger house, or slimmer figure. The world is unfortunately full of people, things, and situations that are going to remind you that you don’t personally have the best there is, but then again, is it really true? You’re blessed with the life that you have, and you should live it with gratitude. I understand that everyone has struggles, and I admit there are times that I would love having another thousand square feet of home, but another room or two won’t fulfill me like relationships will. Guard your own heart from both people and things that try and tell you that your husband or your life simply isn’t good enough. You’ll always be faced with shinier, stronger, faster, and bigger, but you’ll never find satisfaction until what you currently have fulfills you.

3) Practice Forgiveness:

Nobody is perfect. All of us make mistakes in life. When you let forgiveness be a habit, you’ll prevent resentment from creeping in and up into your life according to

It has to cover everything from big mistakes to the littlest annoyances, including my own husband leaving a wet towel on our bathroom counter.

4) Over Communication Is A Good Thing:

I once had the bad habit of not speaking up about my feelings. Do you know the ‘you should already know why I am mad’ game? I played it, even though it’s patently unfair. Men aren’t wired the same as women, so they’re not always aware of times they are insensitive . I still have room for growth in this particular area, but there are many situations where my husband winds up having to pry something from me, but not as many as there used to be since I started remembering I just have to talk to him.

5) Enjoy Date Nights Regularly:

This particular idea certainly isn’t new, but it’s critical. Don’t ever stop dating your spouse. Maybe you can’t always afford to go out to dinner and then see a movie, and honestly, my own marriage rarely has that kind of money. However, it’s still essential that you spend a lot of personal time with your spouse. Do not talk about schedules, children, or bills. Instead, focus on daydreaming about your future together, or if you want to take a more practical route, do a little preliminary planning for a dream vacation. Connect emotionally and you’ll keep learning things about one another.

6) Never Ever Drop The “D Word”:

If you are going to say it, be prepared to back it up. It’s not complicated, the threat of divorce is never fighting fair. I was personally guilty of this in my earlier marriages. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I’m glad I learned better. I was deeply hurting, and I just wanted to hurt back, but in truth, it never once helped me feel any better.

*This is a guest post.

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