Learn About Money the Fun Way!
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Learn About Money the Fun Way!

Quick question, readers: how good are you with money and finances? Are you an expert in it and can be a financial guru? If not, then no worries! Most are just winging it. And we learn about money as we get older. In fact, there are plenty of ways to learn about this matter, thanks to sites such as Mortgage Calculator. But did you know that learning these things is only sometimes boring and serious? There are money games on the sites, and I have tried them myself! Here are some of the games I had fun playing, and you should check them out too! 

Learn About Money the Fun Way!

Grocery Cashier

Let me let you in on a fun story. When I was a kid and went with my mom for our weekly grocery shopping, I always enjoyed watching the cashier scan our items, enter the price, and get our payment. I thought, “hey, this looks fun!! I want to try running the cash register too!” But I have never been able to! Lol 

With this game, however, I get to live that childhood dream. The game is simple but fun! First of all, you get to be the cashier. Then next, you’ll have different grocery items to scan and enter the price. Keep entering their price and wait until you prepare the total. But wait, it’s not as simple as that. Sometimes the game would throw in a twist or two by having a customer use vouchers with different values. That added layer to the game makes it extra fun! 

Cash Back Game

The next game I have fun with is the Cash Back Game. This is a much simpler but more colorful game for adults like me looking to kill time or for kids learning about money and notes. The mechanics are straightforward: give the right amount of change to customers who will buy an item from you. 

The game has three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Hard. I had a challenge playing the Hard mode because the numbers are complex and with decimals. If you want to brush up on counting your money, this game is for you!

Money Tree

“Does money grow on trees?” Maybe they do. Perhaps they don’t. But in the game Money Tree, they definitely do, but it will be up to you how quickly and how much the money grows. The sky is the limit! The clicker game is very addicting, so you can’t say you haven’t been warned! 

You start with a tree, and there will be bags of money that will grow in it. Pick it up for extra money you can later use for upgrades such as the rate of money drop per second or the speed of money bag growth on trees. I had too much fun and may have spent a long time playing this game to get upgrades for my money growth constantly! 

Money matters

I had a great time playing the games on Mortgage Calculator. The graphics are cute and easy on the eyes- good for adults like me and definitely great for kids! This is a nice way to introduce kids to the concept of money while keeping things fun! Try these games yourself, and let me know which one you enjoyed the most! 


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