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Lovin Neutrogena Body Oil

Okay, I’m here, I’m still alive! Barely! 🙂 🙂 🙂 How are you? The holiday season is always a busy season for us and thus the low post count. Or, I caught the holiday-lazy-days. Neutrogena has been kind enough to send several products for me to review and oh boy do I owe em some! I have been a neutrogena-loyalista ever since highschool with their Deep Clean Facial Foam as my savior from teen oily skin. It has this fresh scent that doesnt give me dizzy spells and works to control oil and prevent acne! It’s a must must must have for teens!

Now that I’m “aging” my skin now needs something that gives moisture, that lasts. Most of us may be putting on a lot of creams on our faces, but how about our body? How can we be sure that soap and lotion is enough.

Okay, ironically, this oil is not oily at all! Think cashmere or silk, and then turn it into liquid. Then add this very light, sexy smell that you wish it had a perfume version; and this is it. Neutrogena’s body oil provides skin this moisture you wont find in lotions. It has a natural sesame oil formula that’s so light you’d be wanting to put more. And it’s so tipid to use! Just a few drops on your skin after your shower or mix it right in your bath. Just after one use you’ll notice the difference and that “glow” on your skin.Use generously on legs if youre gonna wear short shorts or skirts for that extra oomph.

I’ve been using this for more than a month and I barely made a dent but I’m definitely buying another bottle if I run out.



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