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Lucrative Side Hustle Ideas to Make Some Extra Cash

A good side hustle is about building a business where you’d be the boss. And these days when the world went nuts over the work-from-home culture, there are thousands of potential ideas that can help you achieve your financial goals and create a business that will bring you to profit monthly. It is a thrilling challenge, but if you are persistent enough, it’s extremely rewarding in the end. Side hustlers are from different backgrounds and are successful in a wide range of industries.

Even on a platform like OnlyFans, the best OnlyFans content creators earn thousands of dollars per month, which is considerably high considered to the other industries. And with its boom these past few years, the platform reaches its high peak of usage and traffic. So, what are some side hustle ideas that can help you kick off without quitting your job? Let’s discuss in detail the most prominent ones.

Create and Sell Handmade Goods

There is always something satisfying whenever you hear about someone who made the hobby a profession. The feeling is truly rewarding when you become successful due to your handcraft skills. And there are a lot of Shopify and BigCommerce merchants that have small businesses successful, started out of a hobby in their spare time. If you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. You will feel like it’s something that is part of your life and not a daily routine you have to repeat regularly from 9 to 5. 

The potential handmade ideas can include painting, crafting, knitting, carpentry, or anything that involves making products with your hands. Although creating products entirely by hand requires a lot of time and energy, it’s one of the best ways to stand out from the rest of the brands and offer something unique on the market. And you can attract potential customers and convert them to regular ones.

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Start A Podcast

The podcast industry has been growing steadily over the year. And comedians must have a podcast on their schedule. Then, positions for journalists and writers open up and it becomes a project that has morphed into requiring and demanding talented individuals to work on the brand image of the person who does the podcast. You can easily turn podcasts into a side gig, and the best part is that you won’t need to quit your regular job. 

Podcasting is pretty cheap, so a decent USB microphone and a recording platform will do the job. When you build the brand after a while, you can upgrade to tools like a mixer, XLR microphone, or other accessories that will allow you to improve quality.

Become Social Media Manager

Social media is an integral part of our lives, no matter if we like that or not. According to one statistic in 2021, 13 users have been joining the social media world every second. Every second! That’s quite a lot. And it’s growing even further with the current popularity and rise of new social media platforms. As we mentioned above, OnlyFans is becoming one of the leading platforms for content creation.

Managing a social media account can require a handful of skills. You might be doing something simple like uploading a picture, creating a catchy description or bio, uploading daily posts on Instagram, post a status on Twitter. Overall, you may be managing an entire social media portfolio. However, you need to be aware of the current social media trends and learn how the algorithms work, so you can get the most of the traffic.

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Test Apps or Websites

Another interesting side hustle idea can be a website and app tester. The software development industry wants people that can help them out in the development process of an app or a website. And what’s a better way than hiring a tester that can find the issues with the software. Testers will get the chance to push all the buttons and click on all links to see how things work before the app or the website goes live.

Most websites take around 30 minutes to test, so you might be paid $10 per test. And if you are working for a few hours every day, that’s an attractive paycheck at the end of the month. There are matchmaking websites that can connect you to jobs that need testers. So you just need to learn about the customer’s parameters and start testing them out.

Additional Tips

As we can see many side hustle ideas can bring profit to your table. However, you need to have in mind whether the idea fits your current schedule since you’ll be spending a meaningful amount of time on the additional work. And it has to be something that won’t interfere with your current schedule.

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