It’s party time! Top 10 ideas for hosting a kids’ party on a budget 

Children’s parties are epic events, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time. If you’re hoping to throw a party on a budget, we’ve got you covered – here are 10 cost-effective ideas that don’t compromise on the fun. 

  1. Get creative 

DIY as much as possible, using bits and bobs around the home. Got an old table cover? Great! Get some paint and allow the kids to put their handprints all over for a distinctive and unique decoration. 

  1. Base your theme on things you already have at home 

Think about your child’s favourite toy or activity, and base your theme around that. For example, if your kid loves ride on cars, why not opt for a Formula 1 or car themed party? 

  1. Go digital 

Using digital invitations is a great way to save money and save the planet! Paper invites can be incredibly wasteful – once the party is over, the attendees will only throw them away, after all. 

  1. Shop smart 

Most stores will have regular sales throughout the year, so take advantage of them by shopping all year round, rather than waiting until the week before! It can also be more cost effective to do your shopping online so you can more effectively compare prices. If you have a few kids’ birthdays coming up, consider buying in bulk to receive discounts. 

  1. Upcycle 

Every time your child goes to another party, the likelihood is that they come home with toys and sweets that never get used. Make the most of these things you already have to hand by reusing them for your party bags. You can also use leftover sweets and chocolate as a free filling for a fun piñata. 

  1. Avoid party stores! 

Party stores will often hike up the prices of things you can get a lot cheaper elsewhere due to the added convenience of being able to get everything in one place. If you can spare the time, avoid shopping at party stores, and buy the items you need from elsewhere. 

  1. Keep it small and personal 

It can be tempting to go OTT and invite your child’s whole class! Keep it small and personal, sticking to only their best friends and close family. 

  1. Get the timing right 

Time the party so that you will not be entertaining guests over any mealtimes, as etiquette dictates that in these cases the hosts should provide something to eat. For smaller children, this might mean having the party after lunch, and ending before dinner (around 2 till 5pm).

 However, if your situation means you must host the party at lunch or dinner time, provide a range of low cost snacks or party recipes that you have prepared yourself

  1. Simple is always better 

Why spend a lot of money on games when there are dozens of tried and tested kids’ party games that are absolutely free? Keep it simple, sticking to the games that have graced children’s parties for decades. 

  1. Opt for a cheap or free location 

Of course, the cheapest way to host a party is to hold it at your house. However, if the chaos of 20 children running around puts you off having it at home, consider cheap and free locations in your n

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