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How Can You Maximise Your Christmas Bonus?

Kaya ibigay mo naaaaaa ang aming Christmas bonus! This popular song from Aegis is definitely part of every classic pinoy’s holiday playlist. (including mine). Today I’ll share tips how you can maximise your money in the grocery.


#ViLucky noon, ano naman kaya ang pasorpresa ngayon? Nood na! #PaskonaPuregoldna

Posted by Puregold on Thursday, November 29, 2018

When we get our Christmas bonus, everyone’s itching to spend it right? Sales from left to right! But one thing’s for sure. My mom (who’s a HUGE Vilmanian) and I are going to buy our Noche Buena Shopping at Puregold.

Because we get to spend and buy more from our moneys worth kasi they have the best deals and prices not just sa groceries but also to buy your Christmas gifts! O yung mga wala pang regalo sa mga inaanak jan.


Now that I’m a mother myself, it’s time to give back! Kami naman ni macho kid ang mag bonding to do our Noche Buena grocery Shopping. What do we typically buy?

Here’s a snapshot of what we pinoys usually eat for Noche Buena:

Pinoy Noche Buena
Pinoy Noche Buena

Grocery Shopping Tips to Maximise Your Bonus

  1. Make a Shopping List
  2. Eat before you go
  3. Only buy vegetables you plan to eat because they spoil fast
  4. Buy meat in bulk because you can store them in the freezer
  5. Look closely in the price tag. Look for the SALE alternative.


Sabi ng mommy ko, even if we’re not that well off. As long as we celebrate Christmas as a family, that’s more than enough. Bonus na talaga ang Bonus. Pero I want my loved ones to feel special, kaya I’ll give my mom pang shopping sa Puregold (para luto nya ko ng favorite ko na Lengua and Baked Mac hehe) tapos dun ko bili si macho kid ng lotion nya (Christmas gift ko na yun).



Kaya tara na! Malayo mararating ng sweldo natin when we shop at Puregold! Paskong PANALO!






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