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REVIEW: Get Rid of Bloat FAST with EasySLIM Detox Plum

Most of you would probably assume that “Hey, she’s got a flat tummy because she works out”. I’d answer you with a YES and a NO. Yes because I do exercise regularly and try my best to eat in moderation. NO because I’m cursed with a bad case of CONSTIPATION. I do not have a flat stomach every single day. Wanna know why?

I’m constipated and bloated. It’s like all the food I eat gets stored for more than 2-3 days and not only is it making my tummy look bad, my skin breaks out, and my mood turns sour.

Yes yes, I’ve tried fiber supplements (ugh gross texture) and detox teas (i don’t like the taste sometimes). But this time around I discovered something that can help clean our colon AND taste yummy at the same time! Ready?



EasySLIM Detox Plum


EasySLIM Detox Plum is a delicious fruit packaged in separate sachets. Each delicious plum is an easy step towards the body you desire. This healthy treat allows you to make sexy happen, to live better and healthier.


Benefits of Plum


✓ Rich source of antioxidants
✓ Helps balance the acidity level in your body
✓ Beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract
✓ Helps maintain blood pressure and fights free radicals in the body
✓ Helps balance acidity level in the body
✓ High in fiber and is an all-natural laxative which is safe for everyday
✓ Removes toxins and healthy colon cleansing



I made a vlog review on KikaysikaTV but decided to write a separate entry here on the blog because I find that I’m more detailed and “eloquent” writing. I still get the jitters sometimes when I speak in front of the cam hehe. So please read my written review just below the video.


Packaging – Each plum is individually wrapped in a foil. Making it convenient to take with you anywhere.

Ingredients – More than just a plum, it’s enriched with Pu-er tea, and Lotus Leaf to aid in digestion.

Dosage – One plum before going to bed

Taste – SO DELICIOUS. It taste like those giant plums we buy at Chinese specialty stores that my lola loves so much. I had to control myself from eating more than 1 because it is effective in cleansing out our colon  (if you know what I mean HAHA)

Effects – The morning after I took the EasySLIM Detox Plum, I think I pooped more than 4 times that day. No stomach cramping, no thirst, no other side effects. It’s just that I felt like pooping that much and with my constipation, no wonder it’s that much (sorry for the TMI!)

I asked Magic Potions if this was normal and they answered:

“Yes, lalo na kung lagi kang constipated. Pero pag na-cleanse na ang colon mo, magiging regular na at once a day na lang ulit ang pag poop mo”

Meaning? I have a lot of toxins in my body that needed dire cleansing.



Final Thoughts

As I’m always out and about, I don’t get to eat the EasySLIM Detox Plum on a daily basis. But my mom does and she loves how it makes her body feel cleansed and healthy. 

But when I do get the chance to relax in my home, I make sure to eat a plum to detoxify and clean my colon and get rid of that pesky tummy bloat.

I highly recommend this to people who like me, have constipation problems. 





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