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Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick


Why You’ll Love It

Fall in love with color, all over again:
  • Crisper color from pure pigments
  • Creamier feel from nourishing honey nectar
  • Lipcolor so rich, so stunning… it’s sensational
  • 48 Captivating Shades

Okay, so I’ve been traumatized by how Maybelline Lipsticks dry the heck out of my lips (even the ones that they say “moisturizing” ones), but I love their mascaras though.

I was hesitant to purchase their newest line of lipsticks the Color Sensational which is said to be the improved version of Moisture Stay, that’s why I just used one from the tester to give it a shot. But I have to agree, they really improved this line of lippie!

What I Like
  • These lippies are highly pigmented!
  • Unline the previous moisturestay, this one has a moist semi-glossy finish
  • Lasts a fairly good amount of time
  • For the first time, a Maybelline lipstick that did not dry my lips out.
  • Love the classy aluminum like red packaging, sleek  😉

What I don’t Like

  • It feels like, I am wearing lipstick. My lips felt really really warm while wearing this and I don’t know why

Color Sensational in Coral Crush

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