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MESTIZA PRIME SOAP | My Review and Fangirl Moment

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Around 4 years ago, I reviewed Mestiza Healthy Skin Soap because I discovered how amazing the formulation was. Cold pressed, using premium virgin coconut oil, banana, calamansi, carrot, and papaya extracts. I even called the creator a genius! Just continue reading because I’ll explain why I love this soap so much.

Little did I know that 4 years later, I would be invited to their event. Together with other people from the media, bloggers, and influencers for the launch Mestiza Soap Prime variants. You may find this odd but I was literally screaming from the inside when I saw Ms. Elizabeth Bacani, the genius behind the soap brand. Same feeling when you encounter someone you look up to.


Unflattering selfie because I was shaking inside

Why I Love Mestiza Healthy Skin Soap

I stray once in a while to try new skincare products. Whenever my skin gets a bad reaction from trial, it’s always Mestiza Soap that I go back to. It helps heal and reset my skin. Not only that. Its potent and premium ingredients are tried and tested to combat acne, dull skin, and body odor. On my last review I mentioned the soap was almost perfect except that it doesn’t have any fragrance. Which is why



They launched Mestiza Prime Soap! These new variants not only have 4 fine fragrances from natural essential oils, each variant also targets a skin type:

  • Earth Brown  – for dry skin
  • Green Serenity – for oily skin
  • Scarlet Rose – for normal to oily skin
  • Bountiful Violet – for normal to dry skin

To be honest, my skin is combination-normal. So everything works the same on my skin HAHAHA! But I’m loving bountiful violet for its relaxing scent. You should definitely read my Mestiza Soap Review from 4 years back because it still has the same formulation that I love.

That’s what I admire about their brand. They do not compromise the ingredients for better profit. They want to sustain and retain the quality. Like family tradition.

Where to Buy Mestiza Soaps?

You can find Mestiza Soap (58php) and Mestiza Prime Soap (98php) at leading drugstores and supermarkets like SM, Robinsons’, Mercury Drug, Watsons, and many more.


Instagram: @mestizasoap

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Mestiza Prime Soap
Mestiza Prime Soap
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beauty bloggers
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