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Minimalistic Wardrobe Guide

Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor used to say: ‘Once my wardrobe is messy, I know it’s time for me to rest.’ She believed that the look of her wardrobe was reflecting her mental condition. Actually, it makes sense! When we feel good about ourselves, we are more relaxed, and we keep everything in order. There is a specific pattern. Your wardrobe is messy, so is your room and your life!


If dressing up takes a lot of time and you are done spending tones of money on new clothes, it is time to make a change! Cheer up and spring clean your wardrobe, girl!


Check this guide to build your first minimalistic wardrobe.


Keep the things that can “spark joy” in you and get rid of the rest. Throwing things away might be not the easiest thing. You put so much effort to find it, you spent money and time. Or maybe you have a T-shirt that used to belong to your school sweetheart and you feel like keeping it. You can put nostalgic items in the box called ‘warm memories.’ It shouldn’t take the whole space of your wardrobe though.


If you have some clothes that look good, but you don’t want to wear them any longer (the effect of boredom), you can donate it or give it to your friends. Maybe you don’t like this dress, but someone will be happy to have it!


You need to leave only high-quality pieces in your wardrobe. Once you do it, spend some time to create at least five perfect outfits. You will thank yourself for this every morning. If you don’t know how to match your clothes (we’ve all been there), you can choose the casual style with classic color combos.


Check how many clothing items you need for your perfect minimalistic wardrobe, according to Chesca:











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