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Mommy Diaries: Back-to-School Tips and National Bookstore Finds

national bookstore
national bookstore

Remember my trip to National Bookstore to shop for school supplies and more for Geof? Well, Nikki Tiu of and me also prepared a short video for mommies and daddies on how to prepare for school! You can also follow these tips the whole year round. Watch the video for tips, finds and more!

Back-to-School Tip #6

Nikki: Have a portable filing storage at home so you can color coordinate the folders where you can organize files by subject.

Back-to-School Tip #5

Nikki: Make sure you have a cubby or box at home where you can put all your kids’ school materials so whenever you’re in a rush everything is on the table.

Back-to-School Tip #4

Nikki: Purchase transparent containers and label them so whenever they study the toys are kept inside the container and they can only open it when school is over as a reward.

Back-to-School Tip #3

Kaycee: Use  file organizer/envelope to segregate and keep important files like school certificates, birth certificates, forms, and cards. This way everything important is kept.

Back-to-School Tip #2

Kaycee: Reward your kids by giving them stickers on good seatworks, notes, and homeworks.

Back-to-School Tip #1

Kaycee: Label notebooks per subject and a number so he can grab the notebook faster from their bags and won’t get confused

Back to School Finds at National Bookstore


BEST BUY PROJECT KIT 150PHP Includes: • Typewriting papers 25s • Art Paper 10s • Oslo Paper 10s • Short White Folder 3s • Long White Folder 3s • Plastic Fastener 10s • Permanent Marker • Scissors 5in • Glue Stick
Polar Bear Instant Adhesive Book Cover – 69php
Brilliantly combining form with function, Filofax’s planners and organisers are renowned for their quality build. Their organisers are also customizable – fill and refill them with the sheets you want, from notes to daily planner sheets. They’re the perfect companion for your daily grind.

Here’s another good news. Guess what? You can buy everything you see here ONLINE at National Bookstore’s Official Website.

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