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My Clothes Buffet Manila Experience – SHOP ALL YOU CAN!

Last July 22nd, My busy blog day and one of the happier days of my life. I was invited by Pretty Penny Productions to a one-of-a-kind shopping experience I would never forget. It was a treat! A “Mini Clothes Buffet Experience”
Now, you must be scratching your heads right now and asking yourselves “What’s clothes buffet?”
For just 1,999php It’s an event where you get 15 minutes to shop everything you can and put it in a zip pouch that you are provided with. There are different clothes amounting to 30,000 stylish pieces from your favorite brands all in one place. WOW.


My Personalized Pouch
I know 15 minutes is a reaaally short amount of time to shop and it will add pressure. I was imagining cat fights starting with people wanting the same clothing but thankfully it was surprisingly peaceful (yet panicky!)



  1. Grab your clothes! Make sure it can fit your pouch!
  2. Zip zip zip the pouch
  3. Keep what you got
It’s that simple!



It will be held at Ariatto Penthouse, Il Terazzo QC on October 17 and 18



Purchase tickets for your slots on the Clothes Buffet Manila website for 1,999 payable in Credit card, Paypal, or Bank Deposit


With the rest of the bloggers

The last time I had a super fun shopping spree like this was at the Adidas #MyGirls Event to get all my sportswear! As much as I love shopping at Divisoria to get fashionable finds (See my: Shopping Guide to Divisoria) time really doesn’t allow me and you need to be there the whole day to find what you want! Thankfully, Clothes Buffet Manila offers a hassle free and super fun shopping experience plus all the brands you want without the craziness of Divisoria or going to individual mall shops!

The Sample Clothes Rack
Styles are separated into 3 styles. Festival Madness, Girls Night Out, and Smart Chic. I was already eyeing some of the clothes way before the buffet started and I was crossing my fingers to get a hold of them. I stayed in Festival Madness and Girls Night Out the longers, they seem to have more of the styles I wanted. Cute, sexy, chic, and comfy!


Ladies working on the folding table! Keep rolling! I was focused the entire time. I wanted a balance of quality vs quantity so I got a couple of quality pieces, and then grabbed easy to fold and roll items before the clock stops ticking. I have to be honest, I regret just grabbing and going, I should have gotten more quality items I can wear when I go out.


I got 10 pieces. Hooray!


The Shopping Bag and Goodie Bag
Thanks to their sponsors, we also received a lot of nice things such as skin care samples from Evee and Bangkok Face and Cosmetics from I can’t wait to review the Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask, I just tried them last night and I think it’s love at first use.


Here’s what I got!
As much as I wanted to get more, I wanted the Black Forever 21 dress so much even though the fabric is bulky that I sacrificed 50% of my pouch space for it. I know I can get as much as 20 pieces if I wanted to! The rest of the tops are made out of cotton, silk, and chiffon that can be worn at daytime or at nighttime. I also got cute mid-riffs from Apartment 8 Clothing to show-off my post-pregnancy belly. LOL. I also got these cute pair of shorts from Just G to match! (I’m giving away some of the pieces I got here on my August Commenter of the Month Give-away so stay tuned..)



Decide what you already need and want to have before going in. It’s nice to have something already in mind so you can go to the style rack that you want to shop instead of wasting time asking yourself “Umm.. what do I want again?”


If you want to get a bang out of your 1,999php without sacrificing quality. Go for light fabrics such as silk, cotton, and chiffon. There are tops, dresses and skirts available that can easily be rolled to a small unit to fit TONS in your pouch


Purchase an extra slot or 2. It’s YOUR day to shop so why not make the most out of it. I suggest purchasing more slots from the other time schedule so you can have more pouches to fill in. The first experience would already show you what styles you want, and in case you miss anything, you can get on your 2nd or your 3rd try.



Visit their website at to BOOK your slots now! Limited slots are available so HURRY!!!!


KikaySiKat wearing a top from Gingersnaps grabbed from Clothes Buffet Manila

Congratulations to Pretty Penny Productions for the success of your launch! Clothes Buffet Manila. Your team is awesome and I’m sure your event will be a smashing success! Hope to have season 2, season 3, season 4, season infinity and beyond!



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