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Fit Food Manila Diet Delivery Review


An honest to goodness review on one of the latest diet delivery services in Metro Manila. Photos, reviews, and more down below. I have to be real, I don’t subscribe to these every week. I do so once in a while when I feel like my schedule will get cramped and when budget allows.

As I mentioned before in my previous experience, I have certain criteria when it comes to reviewing diet delivery services:

  1. It should be appetizing
  2. It should be filling
  3. It should taste good
  4. Food variety
  5. Good customer service



Another reason why I subscribe to such diet delivery services is not because I want to lose more weight, but it really feels nice to have someone else prepare your meal for the whole day, the whole week. I no longer need to decide where to go, what to cook, especially during weekdays where we can all be busy working and doing more important things. Won’t you agree?

Fit Food Manila Menu for the day

How much is Fit Food Manila’s Diet Delivery Service?

1200 calories – 18 500php + 250 delivery fee – 3 meals 2 snacks – 5 days

Where does Fit Food Manila deliver?

Anywhere in Metro Manila


The shawarma rice in the middle is a personal fave

It’s the first time diet delivery food actually tastes yummy. “Hindi tinipid” Each meal is well thought of and the variety of what you it in a week is appreciated. Unlike other delivery services where they serve you a piece of meat + different sauce. You know Fit Food Manila‘s dishes are prepared to ensure it also tastes good. Pinaghirapan ba.



You get 5 meals. 3 main meals and 2 snacks. The snack, well, I’d like it better if they prepared the snacks too like simple pastries or sweets instead of things we can already buy at the supermarket like quaker cookies or fruits. The main meals is a different story. They are flavorful and filling. It’s like I’m not eating diet food at all. You also get to try different healthy rice from red rice, brown rice to even the more expensive
black rice

Toasted Clubhouse Sandwich

My favorites this week from fit food manila is their clubhouse sandwich for breakfast and beef shawarma rice for lunch. I popped the sandwich in the oven toaster for a few minutes to make the bread crispy and grabe, ang sarap talaga. The beef shawarma rice is love! The garlic sauce perfectly compliments the black rice and well seasoned beef.


Being a working blogging mom, I rarely have enough time to prepare daily dishes and rely on eating out. I can only cook during weekends so diet delivery services such as Fit Food Manila is a blessing indeed! I got to try their service for free for a week but to tell you the truth, I’m more than willing to spend and subscribe from them again next time.

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100 pesos off your TOTAL bill when you order from them.

KikaysiKat Rating 5/5 stars

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