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My Dove Favorites – Why I Love Dove

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial. I have been a fan of Dove products since I was a kid because my mom trusts their beauty bars for her regimen.

Hello everyone! Is there a certain brand you’re loyal to? I wonder what it is. Well, if there’s a line of products within a certain brand that I can use with full loyalty it has to be Dove. From soaps, shampoos, and deodorants. Their items have yet to disappoint. Even my friends are fans (would you believe even guys love their shampoos?)


Dove White Beauty Bar (Original) 
Whenever I get skin irritation from the whitening soaps I am using. I always go back to Dove. It’s so gentle to the skin that it even soothes the itchiness or soreness I experience. It’s so creamy and moisturizing that you might think that after taking a bath, it didn’t rinse well because your skin feels silky to the touch. But don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you have soap left. It  just so happens that the moisturizing cream in the soap was absorbed by your skin. I remember when I was pregnant this soap was recommended to me by my OB.
Why? Because of it’s simple and pure ingredients.
Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo
I was giddy when they finally brought Dove Shampoo in the Philippines. I used this Shampoo in the humid climate of Singapore and it kept my hair tame, smooth, and shiny, without the sticky feeling. My love for this shampoo rekindled when my colleague mentioned he uses this because it doesn’t give him dandruff. Yes folks, even men are fans. It smells light and fresh too. Not too overpowering compared to most shampoos in the Philippine market today. Another thing why I love this is it’s so ECONOMICAL. You really really really need just a tiny 1 peso coin size to make a nice bubbly lather to clean your hair. When I’m in a hurry (most of the time) you can skip using the conditioner because this shampoo is mostly enough.
Dove Beauty Bar (Fresh)
Perfect for summer! The light scent of cucumber combined with super hydrating milk makes your skin smooth and healthy without the heavy feel!
Dove Deodorant

Ah, last but not the least. Their ultimate white deodorant. I just tried this a month ago out of curiosity and I don’t regret it. Most deodorants I have tried were never perfect. One could be effective in whitening but does not have enough odor protection. Or the other might leave stains, or still makes you sweat and sticky. But Dove’s Ultimate White Deodorant is perfect. And it really helps lift the stubborn spots and ingrown things in my underarm *hides in shame* trust me, my pits are never perfect and it’s been a struggle to make them look white and smooth. I even did laser treatments already to stop hair growth but the spots remained. Thanks to this product, within a month’s time my underarms look whiter and smoother. I must admit there are still some stubborn spots here and there but I think give it more time I’d be able to lift my arms just like this girl over here with confidence.

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