QuickFX Dewy Face Mask
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REVIEW: QuickFX Dewy+ Face Mask

QuickFX Dewy Face Mask

Our favorite travel-friendly brand recently launched a few new skincare products this year. Specifically face masks. Both 20 minute or the sleep pack version. Today we’ll be reviewing their QuickFX Dewy+ Sleep Mask which claims to hyrdrate & rejuvenate dull skin for a dewy glow.

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Active Ingredients

  • Snail Extract – stimulates the formation of collagen
  • Aloe Vera – help regain moisture balance
  • Licorice Root Extract – brighten skin tone
  • Peptide Complex – Strengthen skin’s suppleness
  • Adenosine – Lifts drooping and sagging skin up to its natural elasticity


How to Use:

After cleansing, apply it evenly on face, avoiding eyes and lips. Massage onto skin and leave overnight.





Packaging – It comes in a tiny 10g wist-off cap sachet perfect for travelling, or bringing in your kikay kit.

Texture – Gel-like and watery. I looooooooove that it isn’t sticky. It gets absorbed pretty fast and doesn’t leave a slimy layer on my skin.

Fragrance – Light-floral/herbal. Nothing offensive for my olfactory senses. It’s pretty pleasant and fades after a few minutes.

Ingredients – It’s got a lot of great sounding ingredients. Like that famous snail extract being used in trending skincare products today for anti-aging.

Thoughts – I decided to bring this mask for review when Geof and I stayed in Manila for a few days, and I don’t want to bring my entire skincare regime on our trip. A tiny travel-sized sleep mask would do. What’s the diference between a sheet mask and a sleep mask? The sheet masks you take off after a certain amount of time. Sleep mask, stays on our face until the next shower.

For me? I think of sleep masks as a heavier moisturizer, a protective layer of serum. The way it delivers ingredients is through the gel itself, as it slowly sleeps in our skin overnight.

But does it work as it claims? It does make me wake up, look in the mirror and say “Yep, that’s glowy skin alright“. My face looks fresh, soft, and radiant. However, with regards to the “lifting” or brightening claims, maybe I should use it longer? I didn’t notice any notable effects even after I finished up the whole tube (lasted me up to 5 uses, I use a LOT).

The QuickFX Dewy+ Mask is perfect for those who have oily skin-types and looking for a comfortable sleep mask that’s perfect for the chilly weather. It gives the right amount of moisture in a lightweight form and without the sticky feel <3







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