My Minimalist Style (and Where I Shop On Instagram)

LOL I deleted a whole bunch of drafts because I realized they were silly and I was going around in circles. How are ya? I’ve been thinking a topic for Fashion Fridays and to start off this weekly shniz, I decided to share with you my style. Well, it isn’t really special, in fact it’s pretty basic. To make it simpler to understand, the all-time blogger favorite. The listicle.

Trivia: A listicle is an article in list format. Commonly used when a writer is suffering from laziness and still want to produce catchy content. Hahaha.

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#1 I Wear what fits

Pretty basic. Don’t try to fit in an XS if you’re a Small. Don’t wear Large if you’re a Medium. That’s why I prefer shopping in-real-life vs online. What size they say, may not really reflect in what it is. For on-line shopping, what I do is go to bazaars first and fit their clothing there. Once I find that it does, if they have new pieces online I can go buy it na kasi I know how their sizing works.

#2 I (try to) Wear what flatters

I’m not perfect. I had my fair share of horrendous photos of me wearing unflattering clothing that makes me look short, flat chested, or washed-out. I realized there are some styles that looks good on others that won’t look good at me. Like that time I bought this gorgeous dress for Carisse only to find out I look like a trying hard Smurfette in it. Off to the trunk it goes, unless someone invents an effective height enhancer -_-;

Looks good on her. Her lang. Haha

#3 Less is More

Touche! Cliche! Sign ba to ng aging? I remember back in college I LOVED wearing bright colors like fuchsia, yellows, and even orange. Flash-forward to this time and I don’t own an article of clothing that’s color orange. The color palette of my wardrobe now is stuck to essentials and colors I know that flatters me. In order of number of apperances! (White, Black, Pastel Pink, Turquoise, Purple, Navy Blue, Red).

I noticed that these colors look best 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years from now because they’re “safe” doing the following. I wear metallics or brights sparingly. Either in shoes or my accessories. Denim is also a staple!

Where I Shop on Instagram?

  • Beetroot – for their bralettes
  • Veranoph – affordable minimalist fashion
  • ShopCarisse – sorta pricey but what you get is limited and unique!
  • _EvetheLabel – I love their silk camisoles
  • Eighth Mermaid – swimwear!
  • blindclothingxx – their lacey shorts and tops are romantic @_@
That’s basically it. These are my daily style essentials. I don’t know if you’ll find this useful but I hope it does. I want to write more stories that are intimate and share bits and pieces of my life with you 🙂
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