I’m Sweat-Free: My STRIP No Sweat Experience

After my Lip Tattoo Experience at Strip Serendra last May, I came back last June to experience something new. Are you the type of person who sweats a lot? Especially through your underarms or palms? Are you tired of deodorant stains? I’m sure excessive perspiration also causes body odor that no deodorant can mask. Strip Manila finally offers the solution to our problems semi-permanently (As in no to low sweat for 1 year) and it’s pain-free! It’s their No-Sweat treatment.
Suffering from hyperhidrosis or osmidrosis (excessive sweating or body odor)?

What is No Sweat?

No Sweat is the latest offering from Strip Manila that provides lasting solution to excessive sweating and body odor. How? They use specialized infrared laser treatments that sink deep beneath our sweat glands that controls the sweating. Since it’s laser and heat operated, it is basically pain-free. I’m amazed na there’s finally a better alternative to Botox. 
Yes my friends, before this, Botox was recommended by most clinics to control excessive sweating that deodorants and antiperspirants cannot prevent.

The 2 specialized heat machines that will be massaged on my underarms in 20 second intervals on MAXIMUM heat (39 degrees) to effectively control my sweat glands. 
First step. They’ll apply an iodine solution to the affected area and leave it for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the dark areas mean those are the ones suffering from excessive sweat. The more dark spot that appears, it means the sweatier you are. From a scale of 1-5, 5 being the sweatiest. I’m #1 (thank God -_-)
See the treatment results above? Amazing.

How It Feels and Its Results

During the entire treatment, I feel like my underarms are being massaged by 2 hot stones. It’s relaxing actually and there is minimal to no-pain at all. What you’ll feel is intense heat, like you’re underarms are having a fever. Because to make it effective, it has to be as hot as 39 degrees celcious.
Too much deodorant use can make your underarms darker and stain your clothes! I love wearing white pa naman! Results? After just 1 treatment (since I’m a level 1 sweater) I can skip the deodorant and walk away barely sweating. 

Do I Recommend this Treatment?

YES. If you’re suffering from hyperhidrosis or osmidrosis (excessive sweating or body odor) this is the perfect treatment for you. It’s no pain. It takes less sessions than botox and it works right after visit! For those who are sweaty talaga, it may take 3-4 sessions so you can walk away happy and sweat free. 
This is not just for the underarms but also for  those who have sweaty feet and clammy hands! (pasmado!)

How much does it cost?

9,000 per underarm. Cost depends on area and severity of your case.

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