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5 Ways to Stick to Your Diabetic Meal Plan During the Holidays


It’s possible to stick to a diabetic meal plan, even when everyone around you is splurging. Here are 5 ways to help you stick to your menu.

1. Holiday-Proof Your Plan

It’s difficult to control the food that people serve during the holidays. You’ll end up seeing people eating lots of tempting treats. If you want to be able to meet challenges like these, you need to be armed with a plan:

Keep your blood sugar steady by eating at your usual time. If you’re going to be eating later than normal, have a small snack at your regular mealtime and eat less food when the meal is served.

If you’re invited to a party, offer to bring a dish.

If you eat a sweet treat, reduce the other cards, like bread or potatoes, that you eat during the meal.

Don’t skip a meal so that you can indulge in the feast. It’s hard to control your blood sugar when you skip meals. You’ll also end up being hungrier, which can lead to overeating.

If you slip up, don’t stress it, just go back to your healthy eating plan for your next meal.

Holiday Hacks

Instead of pecan pie, eat pumpkin pie. Even if it’s served with a dollop of whipped cream, this substitution can but the sugar and calorie by a third.

Walk for 10 minutes several times a day to break your physical activity into smaller manageable chunks that are easy to fit into your busy schedule.

Everyday schedule some “me” time. This is when you can get your energy back for the next celebration by indulging in a hot bath, taking a nap, or taking your dog for a walk.

2. Outsmart the Buffet

Here are some ways to make a healthier choice when faced with a spread of delicious holiday treats.

Make a small plate of your favorite foods, then move away from the table.

Start by eating the vegetables which can help curb your appetite.

Slow down because it can take your mind 20 minutes to realize your stomach is full.

Limit or avoid alcohol. If you do consume alcohol, eat food at the same time. Alcohol can reduce your blood sugar levels and interact with your diabetes medicine.

Plan to monitor your blood sugar. Check it more often than usual, during the holiday. If you take medicine, speak to your doctor to determine if your dosage should be adjusted.

3. Fit in Your Favorites

Don’t put foods on the naughty list. Choose to have certain foods that you love, which are only available during a certain time of year, like your Great Aunt Edna’s pie. Savor a small serving of this dish and make sure to include it in your meal plan.

If you make a plan to eat your favorite food, then there should be no food that’s off limits.

4. Smoking

If you’re diabetic and smoking then you really need to stop as it’s going to cause you significant issues like heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. It also Damage to the eye’s retina and leads blurred vision. Even taking up strawberry belts juice could be a lot better for you and really cut down on the damage smoking does. Ideally though you should quit.

5. Keep Moving

If you’re like most people, you have a lot on your plate this time of year. Physical activity can easily get pushed out of your schedule.

Being physically active can be your secret weapon during the holiday season. Exercise can help you if you need to reduce your stress level or if you happen to eat more food than usual.

Exercise is easier if you get moving with family and friends. Taking a family walk in the park after a holiday meal can enjoy and is a great way to keep moving.

6. Get Your Zzzz’s

During the holidays you may go out more and stay out later, which means cutting back on your sleep. If you experience sleep loss, it can be difficult to control your blood sugar.

Sleep deprivation can lead to overeating and a preference for high-sugar, high-fat food. Try to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, which will help you to guard against mindless eating.

Remember that the holiday season is a time for celebrating and connecting with your loved ones. When you focus on having fun, it’s easier to stop focusing on food.

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