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Pancake House Bestsellers : Another Glutton Post

After reading the Foodie Wifey Mama’s post on Pancake House, I just had to go and eat there. Good thing there’s a branch nearby so my cravings were curbed. So now, I’m featuring Pancake House Bestsellers!

Trivia: Did you know that they used to have a branch in Tutuban Center, Divisoria? I used to eat there tacos there with my Tita Jing

The Menu

Reminiscin again eh? I want to order almost everything on their menu, good thing there’s their “Bestseller’s Meal” where it includes all the food I want to munch on: Tacos, Fried Chicken, and Spaghetti. Oh, it includes a glass iced tea as well

The Meal

The Breakdown
1. The spaghetti sauce was delicious, it was the sweet pinoy style and very generous with ground beef and cheese. A fluke in this branch? The pasta was overcooked so I wasnt that happy. I like my pasta al dente. They were so overcooked they’re sticking to each other.

2. The chicken was the juciest I ever ate. But there’s something with their “timpla” (mix) that makes the chicken a bit sour. Do they dip in to vinegar to tenderize it? Another fluke perhaps?

3. The tacos are salty and lacking in true taco flavor. I could count the pieces of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and meat inside because it was too few. And they should not claim that they have the “best tacos in the world” because the taco seller right across our street sells better tasting tacos (with more filling mind you) at 25php per serving.

I did not stop there.. I still want to give pancakse house a chance so I ordered their waffle. Thinking that hey, maybe if I ordered something from their resto name they can redeem themselves.

Yes, a crispy waffle

THE waffle saved them (except the syrup). It was cooked perfectly crisp on the outside and soft in the inside. I also want to know what butter they used because it tasted numnumnumnum yummy I could order their butter for take out. Please tell me what butter they used.

I was however, disappointed with their waffle syrup. It tasted like ordinary sugar/water mix and then diluted with more water. It tasted like sweet water. Not the mapley kind or even the basic Kao syrup kind. Wait.. it tasted like WHITE syrup. I guess I should request for their chocolate syrup next time.

Will I eat here again? Yes I will, for their waffle, and I’ll prolly bring my own syrup thank you


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