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REVIEW: Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia (Benefits, Side Effects)

I’m not usually the type of person who would advise or depend on taking supplements solely for weight loss. If you want to get fit and healthy, I recommend eating moderately and exercise regularly. So why am I reviewing Oxifit Garcinia Cambogia from Magic Potions Beauty Shop (1,200php now on sale at 600php)? Because curiousity always gets to me. 

It has been the “it” ingredient of most weight loss supplements and has a lot of other claims to boot. Are they true? Does it really work? I’ve given 2 months of regular intake to find out. 

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia supplements are made from extracts of the peel of the Garcinia gummi-gutta fruit. They contain high amounts of HCA, which is linked to weight loss.

The active ingredient in the fruit’s rind, hydroxycitric acid, or HCA, has boosted fat-burning and cut back appetite in studies. It appears to block an enzyme called citrate lyase, which your body uses to make fat. It also raises levels of the brain chemical serotonin, which may make you feel less hungry.


Garcinia Cambogia Benefits

(1) Suppresses appetite allowing you to eat less without any effort or discomfort. This also means that your body will be forced to start burning stored fats.
(2) It helps program certain brain centers to prohibit the body from storing incoming fat.
(3) It also helps manage serotonin levels. Serotonin, commonly known as the hormone for happiness, induces depression and binge eating when its levels are decreased. Garcinia Cambogia manages to keep serotonin at normal levels to keep you from overeating.



Garcinia Cambogia 800 mg  60% HCA
Calcium 25 mg
Chromium 100 mcg
Potassium 25 mg


Acai Berry Extract   50mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract   50mg
Green Tea Extract   50mg
Raspberry Ketones  50mg

Raspberry Ketones
Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is the primary aroma compound of red raspberries. It is the chemical compounds that give raspberries their enticing aroma.

• It is most commonly used for weight loss and obesity. It is also used to increase lean body mass.
• They have essential nutrients including beta-carotene and vitamins A, E and C.
• Preliminary research has also found that raspberry ketone could help combat signs of aging


Green Coffee Bean Extracts
Green coffee beans are coffee beans that have not yet been roasted.

• Chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to have health benefits for heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, and others.
• For high blood pressure it might affect blood vessels so that blood pressure is reduced.
• For weight loss, chlorogenic acid in green coffee is thought to affect how the body handles blood sugar and metabolism.


Green Tea Extracts
Green Tea Extracts is an herbal derivative from green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis). Containing antioxidant ingredients, green tea and its derivatives are sought-after amongst people who pursue good health.

• Green tea extract can actually decrease wrinkles and also makes you look younger.
• The topical use of green tea helps to promote the health and quantity of collagen, thereby maintaining a firm and elastic skin.
• Green tea has been shown to increase fat burning and boost the metabolic rate.

Acai Berry Extracts
Acai is an indigenous berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This antioxidant-rich fruit has been heralded for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating, energy-boosting fruit.

• Known by nutritionists as a super-food, acai may help us not only lose weight, but maintain a healthy weight.
• Taking acai may also aid in keeping our digestive system clean and in optimal function.
• On a general level, the anthocyanins found in acai play a role in our cellular protection system, helping to keep cells strong against the invasion of free radicals.
• Acai berries contribute to an ability to slow or reverse typical processes of aging related to oxidative damage.
• Taking acai extract can lead to an increased overall level of energy and stamina.



Now there are a lot of versions that uses Garcinia Cambogia. From slimming coffee, juice, and even candy. But what attracted me the most to Oxifit is its purity and high concentration of HCA at 60%

It indicates that you should take 2-3 tablets 30 minutes before every meal. But I only take 1 every morning. Why? I don’t want to go over-kill with the caffeine

Taste/Smell – It smells quite tart and fruity. Imagine raspberries. It doesn’t taste awful either. Bordering on sweet/sour. Despite the big tablet it’s easy to take it in with water.



  • Always thirsty and frequent urination
  • More energy especially in the morning
  • Brighter mood and less “anger”. Take it from me, I’m diagnosed with a type-2 bipolar order and taking this has helped manage my mood.
  • Despite my huge appetite and disregarding to count my macros these past few weeks, I didn’t gain so much weight to obesity
  • Eliminated bloating! My tummy feels and looks flatter than what it usually does.


Final Thoughts

Oxifit’s Garcinia Cambogia supplement is more than just for weight-management. And compared to other products in the market, I find that this is a safer and more natural alternative. At its current price of 600php/bottle, I highly recommend you get one yourself now.


Where to buy? https://magic-potions.com/shop/oxifit-garcinia-cambogia-fat-burner-21/



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