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Perfume 101


I regret throwing away old bottles of perfumes I had when Geof and I have to move out of our previous home. I threw them away not because they were “trash” rather they trigger memories that I don’t want to go back to. If you remember my 2011 posts;  I’m “rebuilding” my collection again. Some are gifts, some are purchased. But I would never buy a perfume just because it’s popular or it smells good on someone else. Fragances, evolve depending on your own body’s chemistry making each scent unique. Some may smell good on others but won’t have the same effect on yourself.

Some perfume notes

  • Sillage – pronounced as “see-arge” is the way a scent projects itself
    beyond your skin. The trail it leaves the room. It what makes people
    wrinkle their nose because it’s unpleasant, or make strangers ask what
    you’re wearing.
  • Longevity – How long it stays on your skin. A perfume may have strong longevity but weak sillage.
  • Cloying – A way to say a perfume is headache inducing, offensive.


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