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Perfume Wishlist and Perfume memories

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I collect perfumes. For me, they’re bottle of memories I can sniff when I want to remember an event, a person, a place, a time… nouns ba haha.. I don’t finish a bottle up the last drop because there are times I want to use a tiny bit to reminisce something. Even though I collect, I don’t buy perfumes that my nose hates. :p 
Making a list of perfumes I would like to have sometime in the near future.. šŸ™‚
1. Miss Dior Cherie – no memory yet
2. Miss Dior Cherie Leau – no memory yet
3. Chanel no 5 – no memory yet
4. Chanel Chance – no memory yet
5. Avon Jet Femme – no memory yet 
6. Hermes Kelly Caleche – I caught a whiff of this on my flight to SG
7. DKNY Be Delicious – I remember my mom, it’s her signature perfume
8. Lanvin Eclat L’arpege – no memory yet
9.  Lauren by Ralph Lauren – I remember me ad my mom during my childhood
10. Lancome Miracle – I remember going to vigan with my family 
Bottles I kept
1. Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline
2. Kenzo L’amour – I remember 2008-2009
3. Tommy Girl
4. Acca Kappa White Moss – I remember my office. It’s my “office scent”
5. DG Light Blue – I remember PLM college days
6. Ralph Lauren EDT – I remember PCU highschool days
7. Nenuco – I remember my nursery days, my pre-school days in St. James
8. Vanilla – My sexy scent.. it’s pure vanilla haha.. 
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