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[FASHION] KikaySiKat’s Lookbook Loves for MAY

An oversized men’s shirt worn with t-shirt and shorts paired with heels and shades with a red lipstick is classic chic

Honestly. As much as I would like to pose everyday in different outfits and as much as we love fashion and dressing up, we just couldn’t. We can come up with all sorts of excuses like “no time” “no budget” “no photographer” or the lamest “I’m camera shy” (oh cmon kikay!) .

There are a lot of inspirational looks we can get from lookbook and I thought of posting my favorites here on a monthly basis. But do watch out for my feeling-model occasions where I dress up wearing a combination of sponsored and out-of-pocket that can come from divisoria, ukay, hand-me-down, thrift shop, to branded designer clothing.

Wearable. That’s the look that most Filipina women go for. I mean let’s be honest, not everyone would head out in the world all out with accessories that’s too much, or walk in super high heels that leaves us almost impossible to make a step! So here are a couple of looks that I think would suit our Philippine weather, wearable, and we can easily buy something similar anywhere. Comfort is #1

Black tank top and wide leg brown trousers. Elegant. Carefree. Comfortable.


What do you think of these looks? Do you have any lookbook favorites yourself? 🙂

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