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Personal Musings: Purpose Driven Life


First and foremost, let me ask you this. Why do you do what you do? Before I start blogging my backlogs I decided to warm up by writing another personal musing. Let’s do a round-up of what I’m currently doing (you can try and make yours too):

  • Being a mom
  • Being a girlfriend
  • Blogging
  • Wrestling
  • Weightlifting

Each has its own sub-category that branches out into further detail. Most of the time I stay at home with a regular routine of waking up, bring my son to school, work, gym, fetch him, go home. When there are certain events that I choose to go to, I go out to Manila. I do wrestling on some weekends. I prefer the daily routine of being a mom, or probably going out with the boyfriend. There’s less stress. I blog because I love doing so, and it’s a mean for me to earn. I lift weights because I want to stay fit. I wrestle because I enjoy how it keeps my body and mind in sync, it ables me to socialize a bit with a group of people that has the same likes as I do.

Longterm goal – make sure my son finishes college and get a decent job he likes so he can live. That’s it. That’s my sole reason why I wake up in the morning. The rest are just pepper to food. Optional. My son is my salt.

This post is going circles because like my life, it also doesn’t know where it’s heading. I’m turning 30 and I have no goals like “travel the world”, “make billions”, “have a fancy wedding”, or “become a superstar”. Why? Because I’m already happy and content with how things are going. If time stopped, I’ll be glad if it halted right now. I’m scared of the future because I don’t know what I want to do.

Back when I was in my 20’s, I dreamed about getting married in church, buying a car, building my own house. Raising a family. A basic, boring, dream. Of course we all know what happens next. There’s no ever after in real life. I literally turned into a cynic. A person without any purpose. I try.

Maybe that’s why I still do the things I do. Because I still try to survive, my so-called-life.

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