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Unboxing: Mini Haul from Althea Korea


Heidi-ho! I’m not in the cheeriest mood as of late but I have to hustle. Have you tried ordering from Althea Korea? Especially their special boxes? (See: Althea Korea Box), if your answer is NO then YOU SHOULD! You get like 4,500php worth of products for a lot lot less. With my orders come accumulation of points, that I can use to buy even more stuff! Isn’t that amazing? I have 1,500php worth of points and feeling down. I thought hey, a quick shopping online might do the trick. It did. Check out my mini-haul below and an unboxing video.





The LIZLY LOVELY EYESHADOW PALETTE costs around 450php with 5 shimmer shades and 1 matte. It’s so silky soft and packs a lot of color with one swipe. Worth every penny. I hope they release something with more mattes though or even satin. All colors are wearable and can be mixed and matched accordingly. My favorite is the one and only matte because it works as an excellent crease color.


Hooray for another palette. This one is the Flower Lip and Cheek Kit from W. Lab. This one costs slightly expensive at 750php (more or less) for 6 shades. An assortment of peaches and pinks. To be honest I had low expectations on this one. Lip palettes disappoint me because they lack pigment compared to their tube predecessors. This one is different as one swipe can let you put on an opaque lip. This can also be used on your cheeks. It does not dry matte. It settles as cream. On cheeks, I still need to set it with powder. On the lips, it needs retouching. BUT for the amount of color you get, and the wonderful packaging with built-in mirror. It’s not bad at all.


Eyeshadow Swatches at TOP ROW. Lipstick swatches at the BOTTOM ROW. I’m surprised I was able to fill in a 300+ word count. With my current state of depression, I thought it would be like one sentence per photo. Yay me! Thanks for always being there BBs… Ups or Downs. I feel like you’re family.


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