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As Cashless mobile payment platforms created a massive hit among Filipinos during this pandemic era, a Parish recently adapted this technology by launching its PISO MULA sa PUSO para sa Dambana ni Tata Ipe, a cashless donation drive using GCASH Mobile payment platform. This is to help raise funds to continue the construction of its new church and aims to provide convenient options for its parishioners, donors and also to invite more people to share their blessings for this noble cause.


San Felipe Neri Parish is a new Parish under the Diocese of Antipolo, established in May 2016 in a humble small Church along Gov. C.A. Ynares Blvd, Block 6 Samagta Floodway Taytay Rizal.

As the faithful grew in number, the small church can no longer accommodate more parishioners, as most of the time churchgoers occupy half of the main road of Gov. C.A. Ynares Blvd. which endanger the safety of the people during Mass.

The Parish covers the different Urban Poor communities of Floodway Taytay Rizal, which manifest a very strong Catholic Faith. These faithful became the inspiration of the Parish under the shepherding of Rev. Fr. Jhonas Enopia, SC (Sons of Charity) to aspire for a bigger Church that could accommodate more parishioners, where they can gather to give Praise, give Thanks and Pray to the Almighty.

This becomes the DREAM of the Parish.

In 2018, with the Grace of the Lord and Prayers of the parish Patron
Saint – San Felipe Neri, The Dream of having a New Parish Church became a reality when Benefactors, Sponsors, and Donors joined hands to start building a bigger church for its Parishioners.

After 3 years, the parish is already half of its construction, but due to the Global Covid 19 Pandemic in 2020 up to the current date, donations and sponsors began to decline and now left with insufficient funds to continue the construction.

With the continued strong patronage of its faithful, the Parish still hopes to generate funds to complete the Church, so it can finally finish this beautiful Shrine of Faith for its faithful community.

Now with the different challenges brought in by the Global Crises, the Parish remains optimistic and looked for other ways on how to make donations possible from its patrons, cash less and contact less. And on June 20th – SAN FELIPE NERI PARISH Officially Launched its online campaign, targeting to raise funds to continue its construction.  

























A realization of a DREAM, is about to be fulfilled.  A dream for the Faithful. Contact Less, Cash Less, through GCASH Online Payment Platform.

You can be PART OF THIS DREAM, by sharing your small blessings.

The Parish Pastoral Council together with its Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Jhonas Enopia, SC and its parishioners would like to ask for the support of the public by making this DREAM come true by donating to the Parish PISO MULA SA PUSO Para Sa Dambana ni Tata Ipe, A GCASH Piso Donation Drive to help continue the construction of SAN FELIPE NERI PARISH CHURCH.

Make your PISO Mula sa PUSO count and TOGETHER let’s FINISH this magnificent DAMBANA NI TATA IPE.

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