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Ynna Asistio shines bright in mastering the jewelry business

As the popular saying goes, “Diamonds are a woman’s best friend.” But to turn that friendship into a successful business, it takes a lot of courage. Ynna Asistio, daughter of veteran actress Nadia Montenegro, is making a name for herself not only as a young star but as a businesswoman making a mark in the jewelry industry.


A spark to do it better

There are risks to starting an online jewelry business. But what others consider risky, Ynna sees as an opportunity to do better. Her interest in the jewelry industry started when she was young, constantly seeing her mom dress up for various roles in the shows and movies she was cast in. At that early age, she was already dazzled by the glimmer of jewelry, particularly diamonds.


Fast forward to 2018, she has become a certified diamond specialist after graduating from the Gemology Institute of America (GIA) in Hong Kong. Together with her friend Happy Marnique, she started a business and called it Radiant Luxury Jewelry.


The radiance of a more personal service

Ynna knows there are many established jewelry shops in the Philippines. So, what sets Radiant Luxury Jewelry apart from the others? They aim to master their business. If a diamond has four important C’s—cut, color, clarity and carat—so does Ynna’s jewelry business strategy: customer, cost, convenience, and communication.

“We make the experience memorable. We do more than just take care of our clients. We’re the only jewelry shop in the Philippines that offers create-your-own, so they get the chance to create their rings themselves,” the 30-year-old diamond specialist shared.

While other stores ask for a customer’s preferences and price range, Radiant Luxury Jewelry gives the full experience of making engagement and wedding rings. Ynna and her business partner Marnique teach their clients how to look for the four Cs and determine the important details of a diamond to make the experience not only fun, but also a chance for them to learn.

Strong connections to master the business

Like many businesses, their business had to stop operations during the first few months of the lockdown last year. Ynna, amid unfortunate events, knew that this disruption signaled the start of everything going digital. Because of this, PLDT Home Biz became her business lifeline. 

“Internet connection is very crucial especially now that all our products are available online. To communicate with our clients, we use Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp and other convenient social media platforms. Having PLDT Home Biz as the source of strong and reliable Fiber internet connection is essential now,” Ynna shared.

For aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture into the jewelry industry, Ynna says it takes a lot of practice, patience, and research. She shares, “You really have to keep learning and keep up with the latest trends to make sure you can answer whatever question your client throws at you.”

Connections matter a lot for Ynna. Her network of industry friends, loved ones, and strong following of Radiant Luxury Jewelry’s social media accounts and meeting up with clients using WebinarCare helped a lot in establishing what the business has achieved over the years. This year, Ynna is optimistic that her business will eventually expand and come out stronger than ever in the market.

The jewelry business may seem tricky and niche, but Ynna surely makes it worth the risk for every committed and hardworking entrepreneur. For her, PLDT Home Biz makes for the perfect connection that helps make her business better. She shares, “It provides everything that every digital business needsall people need to do is to take the first step.”  

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  • Chriss Tabamo

    I already read this blog, si Ynna Asistio ay gumagawa ng pangalan para sa kanyang sarili hindi lamang bilang isang batang bituin ngunit bilang isang negosyanteng gumagawa ng marka sa industriya ng alahas. Ang nice naman po dahil ginagawa ng PLDT Home Biz ang perpektong koneksyon na makakatulong na gawing mas mahusay ang negosyo ni Ynna Asistio.

    • Owenbondocponce

      It’s nice to hear this , that’s remarkably awesome to her
      We’ve known her as an artista,inspire of that ,we can inspire by her endeavour


    Online business has been one of the emerging industry especially with this pandemic. Like Ynna who ventured with this trend by selling jewelries, she need to have a stable and fast connection to have a clear line between her clients. PLDT Home Biz is her best partner on her business. It gives her a stable and reliable connection, a great help to her growing business

  • Rowena Callo Villareno

    Its really amazing how Ynna Asistio makes it worth the risk to become successful with the help of PLDT Home Biz that makes for the perfect connection that helps her make her business better. Its also amazing that they theach their clients how to look for the four Cs and determine the important details of a diamond to make the experience not only fun, but also a chance for them to learn.

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